While catching up on local senior activities, something caught my eye; people playing shuffleboard! I kept looking at the photos and noticed there were young people in the picture, along with some seniors. The people in the pictures were stretching, and shoving a puck across a numbered zone on the ground. I didn’t see anyone sitting while playing this game, unless they were waiting for their turn. The pictures had been posted online on The Orlando Shuffle’s Facebook page.

Playing shuffleboard or deck shuffleboard seems like a game I might give a try.  You know what researchers are saying, lately, about how harmful it is to be sitting all day? One researcher with Kaiser Permanente in Pasadena, California, published a study earlier this year about how sitting five hours or more a day posed an increased risk for developing heart disease. In fact, Deborah Rohm Young, the lead author of the study, found out that people who spent at least five hours per day sitting were 34 percent more likely to develop heart failure than people who spent less than two hours a day sitting down. The study was published in the January issue of Circulation: Heart Failure. Scary findings for those of us who have had to work sitting down for most of our lives, and even more so now that we are seniors.

Back to the game of shuffleboard. Participating in a game of shuffleboard may be too tame for some. Some suggest that we need to kick physical activity up a notch, and go for a quick jog, instead. All in all, the game of shuffleboard offers other senior benefits: fresh air, the opportunity to socialize, and learning a new activity. 

For information about the game of shuffleboard and rules of the game you can check out the National Board Shuffleboard Association website, or you can pick up some quick online basic game information in a HowCast video titled How to Play Shuffleboard.

Both the Beardall Senior Center and the L. Claudia Allen Senior Center in Orlando have shuffleboard courts. Seniors living in Orlando and in Orange County can play for free. What a great opportunity to learn something new!

We hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a game of shuffleboard soon. Senior Helpers of Orlando encourages seniors and their families to stay active and engaged in healthy activities.

If you need someone to care for a family member, and provide home health care, do not hesitate to call Senior Helpers of Orlando at 407-628-4357.


Ana P. Delane

Senior Helpers of Orlando Team Member

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