Springtime in Florida is a great time to go out and enjoy Florida’s natural surroundings. Seniors come from all over, and many venture from overseas. Florida Seniors are truly lucky. We are blessed to live in such rich and diverse natural surroundings. We need to take the time to explore, but we to do so with safety in mind. Before venturing out into our neighboring surroundings, we need to be aware of some important concerns when hiking around local waterways and trails. Plan ahead before going on an excursion. The following are tips for seniors to follow:

- Drink plenty of water before leaving, and take a water bottle with you.

- Let people know when you will be leaving and when you will be returning from your hiking trip.

- Try not going on forest hikes alone; instead, go with friends, or family members.

- Wear light-weight cotton clothes, and a cap (much like the ones you would wear on a golf course.)

- Wear appropriate shoes for stability. (Please do not wear heels!) 

- Take your phone along, and make sure it is charged.

- Take a compass and a trail map.

- Take pictures and document what you observe.

- Do not get hysterical when you see wildlife. Remember, this is their sanctuary.

- Walk gently when going out into nature; you are only a guest. 

- Do not feed wildlife. An 81 year old Florida woman was arrested earlier this year for feeding wildlife.

- Do not handle sick birds or any other sick animal.

- Do not disrupt an animal’s habitat. You may cause birds to leave their nesting areas.

- Read more about viewing ethics from Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

- Pick up after yourself and do not leave trash along Florida waterways and trails.

Enjoy Florida's wonderful weather and beautiful outdoors!


Senior Helpers of Orlando encourages seniors to enjoy the outdoors with safety in mind.

If you need assistance, or know of someone who may need home health care, call Senior Helpers of Orlando at 407-627-4357.

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