- Your parents got lost the last time they took their car out, and if you hadn't been in town visiting they would have had a hard time getting back home.

 - Your mom and dad cannot rely on their new neighbor to run errands or take them to doctor's appointments. In fact, they've missed two appointments in a row.

 -  You arrived in town for a short visit, and found out that the refrigerator was bare because your diabetic dad had forgotten to go out and buy groceries.

- Your 80 year old mother wants to hire a live-in stranger to help her around the house and you find out that the "stranger" is a registered felon, and two of the felonies were for battery and burglary.

- Your father wandered away, and ended up in a neighbor's back yard at 4 am.

- Your grandmother has not had a bath in ten days.

-  Your grandmother is afraid to go out for a required walk because she is afraid she will fall and she does not want to go alone.

- Your mother forgets to take the pooch out for daily walks, and you notice tell-tale signs all over the once immaculate home.

- You notice that your elderly uncle’s oven has been on, but there is nothing cooking. When you ask him for how long it has been on, he looks at you in disbelief.

- Your 75 year old father has been released from the hospital and needs in-home care.

All of these are reasons to call Senior Helpers in Orlando (407-628-4357). Ask about our services in caring for your loved ones, schedule an assessment, and we will work out a schedule that will provide the appropriate care for your loved ones, along with peace of mind. 

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