When people think about the New Year, they often think about the prospect of undertaking resolutions that provide personal benefits. What can families do to help a senior create a list of resolutions? Families can help their loved ones write a list of resolutions that focus on improving physical wellness and social interaction.

Improving Physical Wellness with Fall Prevention Resolutions

There are always opportunities to improve a senior’s home environment to help minimize falls. In addition, to the home environment, family caregivers should also consider health factors that could augment the risks for falls.

- Vision test; when is it due?

- Need new shoes? Are feet sore and suddenly shoes are too tight? If so, then a visit to a physician and foot specialist is not a bad idea.

- Balance and strength exercises are always crucial in fall prevention; check for local classes.

- Are medications causing side-effects such as dizziness? If so, consult with your doctor about concerns.

- Walking; make realistic goals; have a trained caregiver go along if your senior loved one is a fall risk. Also, this is a great time to include wearable technology, such as Fitbit to track or count steps and distances traveled during the day.

- Swimming and low-impact exercises are a healthy option for seniors; water exercises are helpful for those who have joint problems and arthritis. Check the local health and wellness programs at Orlando’s YMCA Aquatic Center or contact your local YMCA for programs and schedules.

Improving Social Interaction with Group Activity Resolutions

Activities that motivate and challenge seniors create opportunities for more enjoyable daily experiences. Learning a new brain-healthy activity along with other seniors or caregivers, also offers the opportunity to increase social engagement.

- Participating in crocheting, and knitting classes provides much-needed social interaction and the opportunity to either learn or relearn something once experienced.

- Taking part in painting and craft classes offers learning experiences, social interactions and opportunities to reminisce.

Using technology and interacting with other seniors while learning to play new computer games provides an efficient and fun way to stay mentally and socially active.

Resolutions are only effective when they target actions that are meaningful to the participant. Identifying and keeping track of goals and decisions may help keep some seniors more involved. Following a colorful agenda with plans, actions and goals may be helpful for those who need to visualize and remember their daily plans. 

Senior Helpers of Orlando encourages seniors to participate in challenging and fun projects. We believe it is never too late to learn something new and to enjoy life to the fullest.

If you would like to know more about the services provided by Senior Helpers of Orlando, feel free to contact us at 407-628-4357. We will be glad to assist you and your loved ones.


Ana P. DeLane

Senior Helpers of Orlando Team Member


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