Making life easier for home bound patients helps the patient, the family, and caregivers deal with time restrictions.  Sometimes family and visitors get so wrapped up in what they are doing they forget to even notice that their older loved ones may need help in preparing their meals, and even shopping for groceries.

Seniors may not always be able to get out of their home to go shopping. In fact, they may not even be able to drive on account of illness, vision problems, or because they can no longer drive.

There are some shopping and food preparation options available for families and caregivers. For those who have an elderly family member who is a shut-in, and who is unable to drive to purchase standard household items, there are some attractive options available.

Grocery Store Gift Card

A grocery store gift card can be purchased so a caregiver can use the card to buy groceries for the patient. This is one way to minimize cash exchanging hands. Caregivers should in turn keep receipts, and a written log of items purchased.

Internet Grocery Shopping

To purchase household items, family members may also want to go online and try Amazon’s Pantry Prime and Walmart. Be careful in trusting just anyone to make these purchases. Make sure to keep close tabs on online transactions.

Amazon’s Pantry Prime offers a list of common household pantry products that can be ordered online. There is a shipping fee, along with the cost of the “everyday pantry items.” I have a homebound friend who cannot drive and goes online to shop for both his needs and those of his two pets. Some who have used the service say Amazon Pantry Prime saves them time and gas money.

The current availability of online groceries is somewhat limited; however, there are a few good choices. One article published earlier this year in the Wall Street Journal gave an excellent rundown of some well-known online grocery stores.

Preparing Foods in Advance and Freezing

The University of Nebraska, in Lincoln, Nebraska, has some noteworthy tips on advance meal preparation and tips on using freezer bags. In addition, don’t forget to try for some great tips too. Carefully preparing and freezing meals in advance is a time-saver solution for families and caregivers.

We hope some of these tips are useful for you and your loved ones.

Should you or a family member need home health care call our local Senior Helpers of Orlando office at 407-628-4357. We will be glad to schedule an appointment.


Ana P. De Lane

Senior Helper of Orlando Team Member

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