The market is full of high-tech health gadgets, fitness trackers, and applications that help us focus on nutrition, diet and overall health. Monitoring our health, and tracking fitness goals, and using some high-tech wearable devices, will keep most of us on our toes. In fact, being involved in self-monitoring, and getting immediate feedback should give us more impetus is continuing a healthier track.

Being able to “see” how close we are to our target is what makes us more apt to keep up with our desired goals. In spite of the wonders of technology, self-monitoring should never take the place of a physician. People who monitor their blood pressure at home with an HBPM, or home blood pressure monitoring system, are personally vested in keeping up with goals. In addition, patients monitoring their own blood pressure should be able to provide their doctors with current information.

The following are some popular health, and nutrition applications, along with high-tech and updated wearable tracking devices:

- iHealth Lab Inc. made some impact early this year with the announcement of the high-tech wireless ambulatory electrocardiogram, and the ambulatory blood pressure monitor or ABPM. 

- WebMD is a free iPhone application. This free app provides health reference tools, first aid tips, and a symptom checker, right at your fingertips. WebMD app was listed as one of the “50 Best Free iPhone Apps for 2014” by PC magazine.

- Heart360® from the American Heart Association is another application system that helps in tracking blood pressure, physical activity, cholesterol, glucose, among other factors that often affect our heart’s health.

- Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal was included in Kit Keaton’s column, in the New York Times, as one of the best apps to help keep track of calories, and nutrition, and is free on both iOS and Android, according to Keaton’s New York Times January 2014 article, Watch What You Eat, Using Your Phone as a Guide.”

- The free phone application by the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Ask the Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer, helps cancer patients identify appropriate recipes for different stages during cancer treatment. New recipes are uploaded periodically.

Most applications will evolve, and new ones will take their place. The fun part in learning new technology, and incorporating it productively, is what makes a lasting impact.

We, at Senior Helpers of Orlando, appreciate the wonders of new technology, and encourage seniors and older adults to take full advantage of some wonderful high-tech products. We should never stop learning.

When visiting Westford, Massachusetts, don’t forget to stop by and visit our Senior Helpers office.

Ana P. DeLane

Senior Helpers of Orlando Team Member




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