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Signs Showing a Senior Loved One Needs Home Health Care Services

While visiting senior loved ones during family reunions, Sunday brunches, or holiday breaks, we usually make sure we catch up on the latest family news and on any medical updates our loved ones care to share.

Need a Special Holiday Gift for a Senior? Check Our List of Holiday Ideas!

Family members can help seniors enjoy a more meaningful holiday season if they provide them with gifts that enhance emotional and cognitive well-being, increase social interaction, and promote physical wellness.

Preparing for Weather Emergencies: Tips for Family Caregivers and Seniors

Getting to safety when faced with an impending weather emergency or natural disaster is a top priority for families and local authorities.

Fun Activities Outside the Home Enhance Life for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Family caregivers can enhance daily caregiving by adding creative and stimulating activities to their daily schedule and that of the person under their care.

Reduce Senior Isolation by Providing Opportunities for Social Interaction

When older adults retire and family and friends have moved to other areas or passed away, some retirees find themselves entering a time of unexpected isolation.


Want to reduce caregiver stress and promote overall health? One solution is a daily walking routine that incorporates social interaction.

Want to age in place? Don’t forget to plan and prepare for home health care!

It’s common to hear retirees and older adults say, “I am not going anywhere. I’m staying in my own home!” Many seniors want to age in place and do not want to leave their home.

Home safety priorities when caring for an older adult

When family members are faced with having to take care of an older adult, they are often taken aback by the seemingly insurmountable number of care essentials involved, especially when acting as the sole caregiver or a first-time caregiver.

Make holiday gatherings memorable with hands-on activities that encourage social interaction

Thanksgiving and the winter break are right around the corner, so family trips and holiday reunions will soon start. Are you ready for them?

Steps to Reduce the Risk of a Fall in a Parent’s Home

Every 11 seconds, an older American will end up at a hospital emergency room due to a fall. And every 19 minutes, an older adult over 65 will die after sustaining a fall, according to the National Council on Aging (NCOA).


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