My 92 year old mother confined to a wheelchair became ill. She could no longer manage on her own during the day. The nights and weekends were covered as she lived with me, so my sister and I took turns staying with her during the day. After 2 weeks we realized we were not properly equipped. In addition, we needed to get back to work. We contacted Senior Helpers to find a care giver/companion/someone to talk to for my mom while I was at work.

After discussing the situation with my mother, she relented and an appointment was made to have a consultation. Melissa from Senior Helpers arranged a Sunday morning consultation as requested (without any hemming and hawing) so someone could start on Monday and I could go back to work. They asked a ton of questions of us and specifically my mom.

The answers they received apparently were just what was needed as the person they sent showed up Monday am prompt as could be. My mother found her to be quite enjoyable and came to rely on her as my mom's condition deteriorated. She was willing to assist whatever way was needed.

(Our caregiver) helped my mom weed the patio garden, helped with personal care, tracked medication times, made lunches and snacks and chatted with my mother about common interests(both are animal lovers). During times mom napped, she cleaned mom's bathroom, straightened and tidied what was needed, cleaned her bathroom, and did her laundry. She also helped my mom with her companion dog and made sure he got treats.

Unfortunately, it turned out my mother had a vigorous form of cancer so recovery was not in the cards. (Our caregiver) assisted our family the last week we had mom. Hospice came in for comfort care and she made sure Mom was well taken care of, helping with personal care and making herself available to help with my family(and our assorted dogs too) while we spent the last couple of days with mom at home.

Senior Helpers was always flexible if schedules needed to be changed for doctor appointments. The staff was always pleasant and offered different care options as it became apparent my mother may not recover.

While they were always professional and friendly in my dealings with them, they also showed kindness in the flower arrangement that was personally delivered to the house after my mom's passing and the follow up notes and cards. I don't anticipate having a need to use Senior Helpers again but if the need arises I will in a heartbeat!

– R. D., October 2013

My 90 year old Mother has dementia and moves about in a wheel chair. Her 80 year old husband is her primary caretaker. They live in their own home and it is their wish to stay in their own home as long as possible. Senior Helpers have been coming for over a year to assist in her personal care. Mother's husband fell and hit his head. It was the Senior Helper who made arrangements for him to go to the hospital when she arrived that morning. His eye was bleeding into his brain and he remained in the hospital for three nights. I am her daughter and take care of her finances but live 1200 miles away. My mother cannot be safely left alone.

I called the Senior Helpers office in Winter Park, FL immediately and they had a night person lined up within the hour so that mother was never alone. As soon as arrangements were made they called me to give me the name of the person and kept in close contact with me on a day to day basis providing extended hours for care until I notified them that my step father would be coming home. My mother was well cared for and I had no worries. Each shift was covered by a familiar person when possible (not that my mother would remember) so her care was consistent. The nurse made an in home visit the day after his return to assess his ability to continue with my mother's care. Communication was immediate and I found the care givers and office personal to be professional in all their responsibilities. They are a very caring staff. I have always received quick responses via phone or email to any question or concern that I have had. Without the help of Senior Helpers my Mother and her husband would not be able to maintain their independence.

– M.R., September 2013

We employed Senior Helpers to provide physical assistance and emotional support to an aged family member whose deteriorating health and increasing dementia eventually required constant one-on-one attention during the daytime hours. We employed Senior Helpers until the death of our family member, from mid-2011 to the end of 2012.

Senior Helpers provided care to our family member for about 1.5 years, beginning with a short afternoon/evening shift when “sundowning” behavior began to be a problem. As the need increased, we added more hours and additional shifts. The Senior Helpers caregivers were extraordinary. Each caregiver worked very hard to keep our loved one engaged and active during all her waking hours. Most caregivers were young, warm, and enthusiastic nursing students. They had the energy, interest, and patience to help provide an improved quality of life to our challenging family member. One young caregiver created a special relationship with our family member, treating her respectfully and affectionately, as if she were her own grandmother.

Senior Helpers worked diligently to schedule the same caregivers and same shifts so that our family member would have consistency in her daily routine. There was NO parade of strange caregivers or high turnover on the Senior Helpers staff! When we were not present, others observed the Senior Helpers caregivers at work, and we were told many times that these companions were “not like” other caregivers, and that the Senior Helpers showed a level of care not normally exhibited by employees of other services. Senior Helpers is NOT the kind of provider where only minimal custodial care is administered. We were consistently informed of personnel or schedule changes, and had quick access to company decision-makers if we had a question or concern. Every concern was taken seriously and promptly addressed.

Senior Helpers provided ongoing staff training, and worked hard to help the caregivers find new activities and ways to engage our family member, whose decreasing mental and physical abilities continued to shrink her world and her reality. We would say almost every caregiver went the extra mile to enhance the final years of our family member’s life.

If you are looking for tender and compassionate support for a loved one, we believe you will not find an equal to the services of Senior Helpers.

– S.K., July 2013

I really appreciate your efforts and info on caregivers in the Destin area. It is definitely important that we find a company that is hires their caregiver employees while we are on vacation, (and for some reason that is not always easy to find on their websites.)
I called another agency and got a very brief explanation of their services and the feeling that I'm supposed to make an appointment for an assessment rather than giving me a chance to explain our family's situation (true, they are nothing like Senior Helpers!). The initial assessment is done by a LPN and it isn't apparent from their website whether the caregivers have oversight or evaluation from nursing or other healthcare professionals. I'm assuming that they also do not have Joint Commission accreditation...just several observations that set you apart (way, way apart) from the other companies out there :o)

I'll check one other agency to see what they can offer. Most websites are fairly basic so it's hard to tell much about the companies. It feels like I started at the top of the ladder with you and Senior Helpers so it's a bit of an adjustment to lower my expectations! Since we are a family of nurses and doctors, I think we are a rather picky bunch when it comes to choosing someone to care for our loved one.

Thanks so much again - I'm glad that it will be a temporary arrangement while they are traveling and it will hopefully give us some piece of mind while they are away.

– L.T., March 2014

Let me echo my brother’s thanks and gratitude for your team's amazing efforts during Dad's final days. The tenderness and regard they show for him are truly admirable. I only wish he had been in their (and your) good hands beginning four years ago. How different his journey would have been!

Being so far away and having said my "goodbyes" during our visit in January, I have really appreciated the way the caregivers have helped me do Face time chats with Dad. I think it not only brightens his day, but is allowing me to process this whole lot better.

We are all ready for the inevitable, although it certainly isn't easy. I truly don't know how you do this day in and day out.

Thanks for keeping in such close touch and I very much hope to meet you, and thank you, in person on our next trip to Orlando.

-B.R.J,. April 2014

I know it’s your day off & all but I'm driving to school/Nashville & reflecting on what a blessing it was to our family to have your intervention into our lives this week. Ivan was not only skilled, but a perfect match for Dad. He looked forward to seeing Ivan each night which undoubtedly assisted in his recovery. My family didn’t have to completely exhaust themselves trying to manage 24-7 coverage. They could sleep in their own beds & return to the hospital somewhat refreshed. You all are not the cheapest, but the benefits you provide are priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-TGH,- May 2014

The experience to date has been what was expected and then some.

Through difficult times with Deb's temperament the whole team was supportive and did what was possible to ensure she was kept comfortable and safe.

Since the meds were regulated and Velma came on board I couldn't ask for anything more. I know and see that Deb is being well kept, weight maintained and happy.


March, 2015

Experiencing a parent changing as she grows older can be very confusing and scary. Senior Helpers not only has helped my mother physically and emotionally, but has helped me learn how to accept and deal with her changes day by day. Having never gone through this with anyone before, it's all new ground for me. Thanks to Senior Helpers I can not only rest assured the care givers are taking good care of her but I too am learning how to love and reassure my mother that all is well.

March, 2015

My father (patient) and family are very satisfied with our Care-Givers. We cannot say enough nice things about them. Senior Helpers is lucky to have both of these CNAs on staff. We appreciate it when we are given advance notice of changes, and appreciate copies of assessments, price changes, and available programs.

March, 2015

The experience so far has been great! Our caregiver appears to be a great fit for my mom. She raves about her cooking, and her manners. The help making sure Mom is eating well, taking her meds, and getting some exercise is such a relief when I'm so far away! Senior Helpers has made a huge difference in Mom's attitude and her physical health. I can't say enough good things! Thank you so much!

August 2015

Cheryl was amazing! She shifted her schedule to accommodate our mom and was a source of comfort and positive energy during a very tough time for our family. We are so very grateful for her expertise in guiding our mother up to heaven and for gently keeping us in line and in the right frame of mind... It was no easy task!

September 2015

Brittney has worked closely with us to ensure we have the "right" caretakers for my dad - that included removing two who were not performing satisfactorily. In addition, she always calls after we've had a new Senior Helper to see how it went. In addition, when dad displayed inappropriate behaviors, Brittney sent articles on the topic. I would recommend you use the book, The 36 Hour Day, as a training tool for those who work with patients with dementia.

September 2015


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