Our caregiver from Senior Helpers is always concerned for my husband and makes sure that he gets the best possible care. If he is not feeling well, she is attentive to his needs. Our caregiver gives kind and compassionate care.

Laura F. July 2015


The caregivers from Senior Helpers have given me a reason to keep on living. They are always friendly with me and really brighten my day.

Roscoe M. July 2015


Stripping the bed and making it is hard for me. It helps to have someone here from Senior Helpers to do it for me.

Pat F. August 2015


The caregivers from Senior Helpers are very professional, attentive, and kind. They follow my direction of what I want to have done.

Marty M. October 2015


Barbara is highly positive when the caregiver from Senior Helpers comes in to help, it has made a big difference in her outlook of her situation.

Ron J. October 2015


Senior Helpers has a compassionate and caring staff. It is nice to know that the staff is involved.

Kathy B. November 2015


The caregivers from Senior Helpers help me to shower. Without my showers, I wouldn't have a quality of life.

Leo M. November 2015


The caregivers from Senior Helpers show their concern for me by talking to me about things and make sure everything is good with my medication. They help me with all of my daily tasks.

Kenneth D. November 2015


Senior Helpers is compassionate, caring, and they get the right caregiver for you.

Carol J. February 2016


My life would be much more difficult if I didn't' have Senior Helpers. Senior Helpers goes above and beyond the requirements.

Sonia F. February 2016


I would recommend Senior Helpers because they are very efficient and they will do whatever you need them to do.

Joe G. April 2016


The service from Senior Helpers gives me freedom to work. When I come home I don't have to worry about tending to my mom. The service gives me a break to unwind. Our caregiver is a good match for us because she's very caring and interacts well with my parents. She's good with the dogs and goes above and beyond

Dawn A. May 2016


My caregiver is good at reading my condition and seeing that I get a fresh cup of coffee when she comes in. She makes me comfortable, and their level of professionalism and intelligence is excellent.

Mary G. May 2016


I appreciate Senior Helpers because everything they do is wonderful, and I am very pleased with their services.

Lupe M. June 2016