Senior Helpers came to our rescue! We knew that we would need to secure help because our sister, who is special needs, had been caring for our 90 year old father and she fell on ice and suffered a fracture. My brother, sister-in-law, and I met with Lisa. We asked many questions, probably more than the average person because we were truly interested in obtaining only exceptional in home care. All of our questions were answered thoroughly and to our satisfaction. Lisa shared a wealth of information with us. She also made awesome recommendations for Home Physicians and for a podiatrist to come into the home. Our dad is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and deals with incontinence. Lisa showed such a positive attitude and shared examples of how they could come into the home and not take over but work alongside our Dad and sister in their normal daily activities. As we left her office we all felt a definite peace and excitement that a situation seeming so impossible could actually work out.

 In regard to the home visit, I was very apprehensive because our dad had not bought into the idea of having caregivers in his home! Amazingly, Lisa took an awkward situation and turned it into a very positive first meeting. When she left our dad said, “I really like that Lisa!”

 By the end of that week, it was official and both caregivers began. It has been 4 marvelous months. My dad really likes them and it makes him especially happy knowing that they are very loving and attentive with our sister. She also enjoys having them come to help her with cooking the meals. We have found them to be very compassionate, patient, observant in noting any changes, and most importantly very respectful!

 In the beginning, since I live 3 hours away, I was still a bit reluctant. However the communication has relieved me of all my fears. Not only do I hear the “happy” reports from my dad and sister but I am also able to read each of the journal entries written by the caregivers and know exactly what transpired each day. It’s also nice to have their monthly schedules. If I ever have any concerns or questions, Senior Helpers is there for me 24/7 either by phone, email, or text. The really gratifying thing is that telephone communication is always with a live person. How comforting to know that communication is a top priority!

It’s not an easy thing to turn over the care of your loved ones to complete strangers. However, for us, Senior Helpers has been a most positive experience from the very beginning. I personally sleep well knowing that my dad and sister are receiving such outstanding care. There is no doubt in my mind that Senior Helpers are totally committed to serving and providing the best care possible.

For all these reasons and many more not mentioned, our family would highly recommend Senior Helpers to anyone who is especially particular and who wants only the best for their loved ones!

Barbara - Fishers, Indiana - May 1, 2014


I am grateful to Senior Helpers for the excellent care they provided for my 99 year old mother when I could not be with her this past weekend.  Mike Stuckert was easy to work with, and Nina came out shortly after I called to interview my mother and discover her needs in order to find the right caregivers for her.  All this was accomplished with only 2 days' notice.
To Sara and Britney:
You were both wonderful with my mother. She liked both of you and felt that her care from you was excellent.  Thank you so much.
I will definitely call again,

Barbara-Hobart, Indiana - May 12, 2014


“…reliable, caring, professional, courteous, pleasant caregiving…”
7/2017 via Google User N. Crawford

“This is a good home care agency, and everything working out well since my father has started services with them. I am satisfied with this home care agency. It is working out fine for my father, and his needs.”
8/2017 via

“We are current clients of this provider. Mike, the owner, and his staff were very prompt and responsive with our initial inquiry about services that they could provide. There were other organizations in the area we had attempted to contact and they were not nearly as responsive. Senior Helpers were very forthcoming with services available and rates for different levels of service provided. They are very fair in this regard compared to other organizations in the area. They did a very thorough job of explaining what types of services they offered and discussed some special situations in which assistance was available- specifically in regards to wartime veterans benefit. He helped to make sure that the providers who started to come out were a good fit with our 98 year old Grandmother of 6. They have been very helpful in organizing these services and the help has been very reliable and have helped to keep our beloved Grandmother functioning safely in her home environment. Mike has some invaluable insight having gone through this process with his own family and I think that this has given him some unique perspective into the situation that families are going through with a loved one who needs help. This organization carries itself with a great deal of integrity and earnestness. Cannot recommend them highly enough.”
12/2016 via

“I am very satisfied with the services we are receiving from this home care agency. They are doing a very good job caring for my father and his needs. The caregivers are nice, and they are good at what they do. They help with some cooking, cleaning and some personal care. I like the fact if someone cannot make it to our home, they are quick to send a replacement. It has been a lovely experience, and I would recommend it.”
8/2016 via

“…so far they seem to be working out fine…”
8/2016 via

“…Best group of staff in NW IN...Lisa and Mike Are very professional and compassionate, with clients and staff alike…”
10/2015 via

“Everything has been wonderful so far with Senior Helpers. The caregiver does what she's supposed to do, she's trustworthy, energetic, and she relates well to my mother.

12/2012 via

“I need help only on occasion when I need to be gone. I think they took very good care of my husband when I was gone. There were two caregivers and he was definitely more comfortable with one than the other but that's kind of natural.I didnt get a chance to meet them. I only met the person that set it up. They both were nurturing. One he likes better than the other. The only objection he had was that she evidently was a smoker. Although he felt for her because she was a single mother. Though she never smoked around the house, you could smell it on the clothes and everything and we are a total non-smoking family. That was the only complaint I heard from him. I used different organizations a year ago and decided to try this one and I think he was a little better at using them. I had insisted that they drive him because he has issues with his leg and spine right now until his surgery. I think I have mentioned to the agency that I would like to have a male and I would like to have only one person because then, you'd get comfortable with that one person. They still put two and they had reason. They said that if one would get sick, then we have a backup. It would be nice if they could've provided him with a male assistant but I did not press them on it. They interviewed me about our lifestyle and we are a farm family and that's the match we were looking for. I would be willing to use them another time but right now were in a better level. They were sensitive. They came and asked a lot of questions and they seem to be very caring. They seem very conscientious about it.
6/2012 via


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