To Our Friends at Senior Helpers:

After April 1, 2016 we will no longer be requiring the wonderful support of Senior Helpers. There has been a lot of thought put in to this decision but mainly for safety concerns, we have decided to use a nearby facility with a Memory Care Unit for Lila. Thank you so very much for almost two years of impeccable service.

When we first moved Sharon's mom (Lila) into our home in September 2013, we had no idea of what was in store. The experiences we have had in joining Lila on her journey has definitely been eye-opening and rewarding. It would have been a far shorter trip without Senior Helpers.

After 9 months, we realized we needed help. We interviewed three different in-home support agencies. It was obvious after interviewing each of them that the one to go with was Senior Helpers. (The other two shall remain anonymous.) When we first met the evaluator from Senior Helpers, not only was she professional but you could tell she really cared and it wasn't just a job or getting a new client.

After 22 months, Senior Helpers has proved time after time that it was the right choice. We have taken the time to highlight a few items to explain why we were so pleased with Senior Helpers.

  • Senior Helpers provided the ideal person from the very beginning. Lila needed assistance with getting up and going in the morning. This is not something you rush but need great patience for. The personality match for what was needed was fantastic.
  • When we needed additional help for a couple of afternoons a week from mental stimulus, the additional person was spot on.
  • Making the right personality match both times made it so easy for us. From friends we have talked to, this is not what usually happens The training Senior Helpers caregivers have was apparent.
  • The dependablitiy of their employees was amazing. Stacey who has been helping for almost two years, while we don't have an exact count, we will guaranatee you she needed replacement help less than 10 times in 22 months. Nancy was maybe a half-dozen times in almost a year.
  • When we needed extra coverage we merely had to call and if they had 48 hours notice, we had the extra coverage every time.
  • The pleasantness of the Office Staff was a flawless. If we called in with a question, there was always a cheerful "Good Morning" and an understanding ear.They were well-informed and knowleable. On a few occasions, we called in to ask for more information about services, Alzheimer's, etc. If they did not have the answer, you could be rest-assured, you would have the answer by phone or email before the day was out.
  • Last but not least, while we know moving Lila at this time is the right decision, we will miss the friends we have made at Senior Helpers. They became a big part of Team Lila!

Thank you so much for all you have done in helping us.

Very Respectfully,
Patrick & Sharon


Hi Everyone,

I want thank everyone in the office for the outstanding job that you do everyday to make the caregivers and clients lives easier and better organized. As I enter my second year with the company I am proud to say that we really do help our clients live better lives and help them stay independent so they can stay in their homes. Yesterday I enjoyed a very informative day of training and meeting my fellow caregivers. Courtney and Michael did a great job and showed excellent leadership in performing the training. I, as well as everyone in the class, felt more confident with these tasks after seeing the videos, and trying them out in class. The transferring practice with the Gait belt was very helpful as I was more capable of assisting a new client the next day. I look forward to our future trainings and working with my Senior helpers family. This has been a very rewarding career and I enjoy building and making new relationships.

Have a great week
Mark Vanderpool


To Brian Nakamura and Staff,

In appreciation of services being rendered I take this opportunity to express the tremendous service that I received as a client of Senior Helpers. the staff has been a tremendous asset in providing for my needs and care.

Jennifer, Courtney and Vicki have been very vigilante in providing expert home care providers to meet my needs for me to live a normal life as possible with impaired vision and old age. they have provided a long with my care giver Melissa Ramirez and Lynette Cardwell to carry out my every day functions with the lest amount of problems.

I would highly recommend to all my Veteran's brothers and sisters Senior Helpers for home care needs.

Words are not enough to say thank you for outstanding service.

Rev. Alfonzo Jackson


I started working for Senior Helpers at the end of 2010. They were able to give me work right away and they have never had a problem working with my crazy schedule, and they have always been pleasant to work for. Whenever I have walked in the office needing something such as gloves, timecards, document logs etc., they have always been very helpful and accommodating. They are always smiling and full of life. I have recommended people to them for either a job or as a client. I believe that they care about their employees and their clients. I like the fact that they have always continued with training classes that we as employees and our clients can benefit from. Keep up the good work Senior Helpers of Yorba Linda.



Dear Senior Helpers,
Many thanks for providing us with the wonderful care for the last months of my husband’s life. We both appreciated your services tremendously.

Beverly, Orange County


Senior Helpers,
I want to tell you how much I've appreciated the help and cooperation I've received from Senior Helpers. It has made my recovery from my injury go more smoothly. You have a well run company and I will certainly be happy to call if I need more caregivers. Thank you for all your help.

Margie, Orange County