The Importance of Health History and In Home Care for Elderly

As we get older, we tend to require more assistance with managing our physical health.  Whether we need daily medication to keep blood pressure lower or we need help with mobility, there’s usually a form of daily assistance that is needed to stay healthy as we age. 

Since there are a wide range of medications that can be prescribed, it is very important to know one’s healthy history.  It is a great idea to keep a running list of daily medications so that if there is a medical emergency, a nurse or doctor will be better prepared to properly diagnose or medicate any new conditions.  It is important to know which medications are already prescribed to avoid possible complications with any new forms of medicine.

When it comes to personal health history, it is very beneficial to know your family medical history.  Families tend to have a lot in common, such as genes, habits, and environment and lifestyle choices.  By being aware of any patterns among family members, healthcare professionals can better determine whether a person, other than their relatives, or future generations may be at risk for developing a certain condition.

Knowing your family medical history can determine whether you have a higher-than usual chance of common disorders such as heart disease, high blood pressure, certain cancers or diabetes.   Determining a family’s health patterns may discover that a person has a heightened risk for certain disorders because it reflects a person’s genes and other shared risk factors.  Knowing one’s family history allows for taking the necessary steps to reduce his or her risk.  Those with high-risk of cancer may receive more frequent screenings, and this may begin at an earlier than usual age.  A person with a risk of heart disease may be encouraged to attend regular health checkups and testing.  Lifestyle changes in diet and exercise might also be in order to prevent diabetes or heart disease. 

If you would like to learn more about the importance of health history and  dependable in home help for the elderly and the many benefits of professional  in home senior care or dementia and Alzheimer’s care, call Senior Helpers of Fort Collins to speak to a senior care specialist today 970-658-8228!   The compassionate senior care specialists at Senior Helpers can also guide you through the process of receiving the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefit if your elderly loved one is a veteran.   In home senior care and in home assisted living allows your loved one to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible while receiving the level of care they need. Senior Helpers of Fort Collins provides a wide range of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, personal assistance, companionship, and so much more to all areas of .


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