Earth Day Activities for Seniors and In Home Elderly Help

While it may seem like celebrating our planet should be a daily event; April 22nd is Earth Day.  Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970 as a way to encourage the protection of the environment and is still a global event today.  Earth Day is reminder to take the time out to care for our surroundings and to acknowledge and appreciate our beautiful home.

What is a celebration without fun activities?  Earth Day activities for seniors don’t have to be extravagant.  Something as Earth-friendly as planting a tree together can be therapeutic and relaxing as well as a conscious effort to give back to our planet.  Trees help to reduce greenhouse gases, clean our everyday pollution, and secure soil in place to prevent erosion.   If planting a tree is inspiring, an organized group tree hug could be just as much fun with music and shared stories.

One way to reduce your carbon footprint and show your support for Earth Day is to aim to eat locally.  Scope out local diners that serve food made from products in your area.  Support your local grower and farmer.  Their products don’t have to travel as far and in turn, reduce greenhouse gas emission.  If you are in the shopping mood; head to a local vendor and find some unique handmade pieces to add to your jewelry or home decorating collection.  Be sure to bring your reusable bag to further reduce trash in our landfills.

If you are looking for a good spring cleaning project, consider hosting a garage sale.  The saying goes, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”  There’s no better time than spring to purge some unused things and get some cash in return.   If a garage sale seems like too much of hassle, consider donating your unused goods.  There are still lots of people who don’t even have basic necessities and local charities benefit with the resale of your items.

If you prefer your Earth Day activities to be more low-key, perhaps an at-home viewing of “Planet Earth” would be a relaxing way to reacquaint yourself with the natural wonders of our world.   Simple things like reducing waste and avoiding disposable paper products and packaging are a wonderful step to protecting our environment.

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