Exercises for Stress Reduction and In Home Care for Seniors

We are always looking for ways to reduce stress in our lives.  Stress can be very hard on our mental and physical health.  Stressors good and bad are a normal part of everyday; but prolonged stress can really weigh us down and can make it difficult to enjoy life.  There are many familiar ways to reduce stress including meditation, yoga, and communication.

Preparation is a simple exercise for stress reduction; if you are ahead of any potential stressors such as running late for an appointment because you can’t figure out what to wear, you will feel on top of things if you are prepared.  You can prepare for the day ahead but setting out your outfit the night before, organize your paperwork and make a to-do list of the day’s chores.  Sometimes, just mentally preparing for the next day or week can be a great stress reliever.  Waking the next morning knowing that you are in control of the situation will set a positive tone for the day.

It may seem like performing a chore like vacuuming would increase stress, but the opposite actually holds true.  Doing any repetitive activity such as vacuuming, knitting and wiping down countertops is a quick and efficient way to achieve a calmer state of mind.  Studies show these routine activities can reduce blood pressure and slow breathing and heart rate.  Focusing on a repetitive movement and keeping attention on the current task can stop your mind from wandering to negative thoughts and worries. 

An effective exercise for stress reduction is actually physical activity.  Strong evidence supports the fact that exercise is beneficial for any age.  Even moderate physical activity can reduce the risk of major illnesses including heart disease, diabetes and even cancer.  People who incorporate regular exercise into their lifestyle have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers and experience an overall higher quality of life.  Daily physical activity leads to more restful sleep, a boost in self-esteem, better mood and increased energy.  Even if you can’t hit the gym or trails, a brisk thirty minute walk during lunch or getting up several times a day to stretch and walk around will help relieve stress.

If you would like to learn more about caring and consistent in home for seniors and the many benefits of professional  in home elderly care or dementia and Alzheimer’s care, call Senior Helpers of Fort Collins to speak to a senior care specialist today 970-658-8228!   The compassionate senior care specialists at Senior Helpers can also guide you through the process of receiving the Veterans Administration Aid and Attendance Benefit if your elderly loved one is a veteran.   In home senior care and in home assisted living allows your loved one to stay in the comforts of their own home for as long as possible while receiving the level of care they need. Senior Helpers of Fort Collins provides a wide range of services including Alzheimer’s and dementia care, personal assistance, companionship, and so much more to all areas of .


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