National Stress Awareness Month and Live in Senior Care

There is no doubt that stress affects us all.  There are little everyday stresses like fighting traffic during a commute and there are heavy-duty stresses like health and money concerns.  If left unchecked, stress tends to be a real joy-killer.  This makes it very difficult for us to live fulfilled and happy lives.  The chemicals, adrenaline and hormones which build up in our system in response to the pressures of everyday life can lead to a number of major  health problems, ranging anywhere from anxiety to severe depression.  The effects of not being able to release these pressures can result in significant physical and psychological damage; it’s easy to see why we need to keep life’s major stressors in check.

Stress is an adverse reaction experienced from too much or too little pressure.  With stress becoming more relevant in our modern lives, is important to be aware of the signs.  Relieving stress is vital to protecting our bodies and minds from damage caused by not releasing these harmful stress hormones.

Some emotional and psychological signs of stress include tearfulness, irritability, memory lapses, indecisiveness, depression, anxiety, frustration and lack of motivation.  Physical signs of stress include frequent sickness, weight gain or loss, dizziness, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and fatigue.  When looking for behavioral signs of stress, look for more accidents, lack of time for relaxation, self-neglect, poor hygiene, social withdrawal and relationship problems.  Oftentimes behavioral symptoms are noticed first because they tend to be more obvious.  Symptoms of stress will often accumulate until you are forced to recognize the effect on your mental and physical health.

There are ways to combat stress and one way is to make up your mind to get healthy.  Taking control of your personal health can make a great difference in the amount of stress you feel.  Sometimes something as little as rearranging your furniture or getting a new haircut will make you feel refreshed.  Even a little change is makes a big difference when it comes to stress.  Dwelling in the past and stressing about what the future will bring is a winless battle; try to live in the moment. 

Gardening has been shown to reduce stress and help some people feel relaxed.  Gardening can help to lower cortisol levels and boost mood among people who had just finished a task.  Studies have shown that laughter really is the best medicine.  A good laugh promotes endorphin release in the brain and relaxes the muscles, which is vital for stress relief.  Catch a funny new movie or go to a live comedy show in your area.  Take the time to smile.  Some people find that meditating or doing yoga is a wonderful way to reconnect with oneself and to recharge. 

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