Homework for Seniors and  Projects to Do at Home with In Home Care for the Elderly

School days have started for many communities around the country.  Routine of getting up in the morning and preparing for a day of learning has returned.  Autumn is fast approaching and crisp weather will soon be upon us.  You may feel a little reminiscent about the days when you were in school.  Just because you are no longer school age does not mean you can’t continue to learn and participate in educational activities.  This is also especially important to remind an elderly loved one who may feel like their days are running into each other that they could really benefit from the joys of learning something new each new day.

The dog ate my homework.  Nearly everyone has heard of this expression.  You may even remember that feeling of being in class and creating an excuse for why your work wasn’t complete on time.  We thought it would be fun to create homework ideas for your elderly loved one.  These ideas will help your loved one feel more engaged and may even spark new interest in subjects they may have forgotten how much they love!

One example of homework for your elderly loved one is journaling.  Give your aging loved one a journal and ask them to write an entry every day of the week.  They can write about anything they desire.  I remember in school when my teacher would ask us to free write.  We basically would allow a stream of consciousness to flow out on paper.  This helped us to find creative ideas to write about.  At the end of the week, give your loved a special treat, and read their entries out loud with them, if this is okay with them.  If they would prefer that their entries be kept private, that is okay too.

Another homework assignment to give to your senior loved one is an art project.  Take your senior to a local park or cityscape downtown and have them sketch or paint what they see.  Remind them that art is in the eye of the creator so it does not have to be perfect.  An abstract painting would work just as well serving as art.

Another fun homework assignment could involve reading.  You and your loved one could even form a mini book club between the two of you and can meet up to discuss the book together. Pick out a book together, read a chapter a day, and sit down to discuss over tea or coffee.  You may find your loved one’s perspective on the same book to be rather fascinating.  This may even inspire your elderly loved one to recite old stories of their past.  You may learn something about your senior loved one that you may not have otherwise discovered.

This time of year, when cooler weather is approaching and children return to school, remind your elderly loved one that you don’t have to be school age to continue learning.  You don’t even have to be in school to discover something new and exciting.  These simple homework assignments will help your loved one to stay mentally active and may even maintain a more positive outlook on life.

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