The Gift of Memory and Dependable In Home Dementia Care

The Gift of Memory and Dependable In Home Dementia Care from Senior Helpers of .  Call 970-658-8228 today!  Senior Helpers of Fort Collins proudly provides reliable in home dementia and Alzheimer’s care to all of .

As we grow older, it becomes inevitable that we accumulate a large amount of things from our past.  You may have an elderly loved one who has loads of memories piled in boxes in the attic.  Treasured items such as old photographs and little trinkets can be easily forgotten in a dusty trunk hidden away behind piles of clothing or holiday decorations.  If you’ve ever taken the time to look through the personal items from your past, you probably relived some cherished moments with each item you held in your hands.  The same holds true for your aging loved one as they sift through their boxes of memories except that they have probably collected a larger mass of items to view.

When your elderly loved one is coping with a dementia related disease such as Alzheimer’s they may find remembering their past to be particularly frustrating and difficult at times.  Having many boxes to dig through can be overwhelming, especially when the moods of a person coping with dementia can change day to day and even hour to hour.  If you know where your aging loved one keeps the treasures of their past, perhaps you could give them the gift of memory with a simple personalized project. 

With just a little bit of time, you can scan your photographs on home printer with scanning capabilities or bring the photos to a shipping or office supply store.  With these scanned photographs, you can create a gift of your aging loved one’s memories compiled together in a scrapbook, photo blanket, or shadow box collage.  You may find this to be a wonderful way to help your elderly loved one to revisit cherished times.  It will be less overwhelming to view a few favorite items than an entire collection of a lifetime of memories.

There are many photo sharing sites online that can help you with creating a personalized item for your aging loved one.  Some creative sites will help you to design a hardcover photo book complete with captions that can be used for dates and names of people in the photographs.  If your loved one enjoys a hot cup of coffee or tea in the morning, you could give them a personalized photo mug to sip from.  If your aging loved one enjoys time spent surfing the internet, you could create a photo mouse pad.  There are no limits to the creative ways you can incorporate their memories into their daily lives. 

Senior Helpers of Fort Collins, 970-658-8228, proudly offers dependable in home dementia care for all areas of .  Transportation services are also provided.

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