Laughter Yoga and Live In Senior Care

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Laughter is the best medicine.  We have all heard that saying before at one point or another.  Laughter reduces stress, can improve overall mood, and create a more positive outlook on life.  Laughing in a group can help to break down walls and allows participants to reconnect through lighthearted playfulness.  Laughter can boost the immune system with an increased production of disease fighting cells and quickly induces a state of relaxation.  Laughter is contagious, and unlike most medicines, offers no bad side effects. 

While laughter yoga may not be a new form of activity, it may be new to your elderly loved one.  Laughter yoga is a combination of deep controlled breathing, stretching and forced laughter that engages your core and improves lung capacity.  Madan Kataria, M.D., the founder of Laughing Clubs International, created in 1995, claims that laughter yoga helps build self-esteem and confidence.  Laughing keeps senior loved ones in good cheer and rids the body of stress, worry and depression.  The main purpose of laughter yoga is to enjoy childlike fun and play.  Laughter Yoga is unique because it involves eye contact and childlike playfulness, which soon turns into real and contagious laughter.  Since your body can’t tell the difference between real and contrived laughter, your senior loved one can enjoy many benefits from laughter yoga.  As with all things, the more effort you put in, the better the pay off, and in this case, more joy, happiness, lightness, and laughter. 

Studies have shown that laughter can actually create physical changes in the body.  Laughing will increase blood flow and introduce more oxygen into the body cells.  A study performed at the University of Maryland Medical Center in Baltimore found that laughing improves blood vessel function and circulation.  Laughter yoga is a great form of low-impact exercise for an elderly loved one.  Not only will their heart rate increase as if they were actively participating in a mild form of exercise, with laughter yoga, their mood and overall health will also improve.  Laughter has been shown to reduce the level of stress hormones in the blood.  For this reason, some might consider it a well-being exercise. 

Laughter yoga may be particularly beneficial for seniors and elderly loved ones, who are more likely to feel useless or depressed after retirement.  Combined with live in senior care, a senior loved one can find a more improved and positive outlook on life with laughter yoga.

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