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Serving Somerset and surrounding areas.
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Round-the-Clock & Live In Care

Live-in care

Live-in care provides peace of mind that a loved one is safe and secure, especially for family member living far away. A live-in caregiver stays at client’s home and usually creates a strong bond.  This helps ensure safe, stable and valuable routines are maintained and eliminates the need for multiple caregivers in the home.

Round-The-Clock Care

Our 24 | 7 Care is high level of customized coverage fulfilled by a team of caregivers who are always awake. We support short term needs for example, while medication and sleeping routines are established; and, long-term care needs when awake care is critical on an ongoing basis.

Our 24 | 7 caregivers do not take up residence but provide the full continuum of care needs from the complex to the simple.