The long Labor Day weekend when your parents were younger was likely spent relaxing with family, grilling out in the backyard, and playing games like of horse shoes or catch.  Today, beach trips and elaborate firework shows have taken the place of more low-key traditions. Feeling nostalgic yet?

This Labor Day, why not take the opportunity to channel the 1950s and have a little fun by bringing back to the time-honored family traditions. Try grilling burgers in the backyard, hand make refreshing lemonade and tea, and enjoy vanilla ice cream on top of a delicious homemade pie. Summer is slowly fading into fall, so bring back some fond memories this Labor Day to close out the summer season. 

Here are some fun Labor Day activities for the family:

  • Picnic in the park, don’t forget the bug spray!
  • Join in a community event like a concert, parade or cookout
  • Volunteer in your local community  
  • Have a family talent show! Piano, acting, dancing… Who knows what you’ll discover.

Feeling creative? Try these “ode to the 1950s” Labor Day celebration ideas:

  • Have a get together and ask party-goers dress in 1950s garb to honor the era of your parents!
  • Enjoy the music of the 1950s with a soundtrack of Elvis, Frankie Avalon and Buddy Holly.
  • Too hot outside? Have a 1950s re-runs marathon and watch your parents favorites, from Bonanza to I Love Lucy.
  • Get a do-it-yourself kite making kit and fly the kites you’ve made in the park

What are your favorite things to do over the long Labor Day weekend?

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