When the whole family gets together over the holiday season, one great activity to pass the time that anyone can take part in is creative crafting projects. Of course there are the classic paper snowflakes you make as a child…but when it comes down to it, they’re a “classic” for a reason. They are easy to make and inexpensive.

This holiday season, we’ve come up with a few more family friendly activities you can turn into “classics” without emptying your pocket. You may not keep a paper snowflake forever, but you’ll hold onto the special memories you make.

Here is how to get started: stock up on low-cost felt, glue, paper and paint so you’re ready to break out your creative side!

‘Tis the season so why not make your own gift tags.

Cut out paper tags and let the family decorate them with markers, crayons, or paint to give everyone’s gifts a more personal touch. Cut out the back felt pattern for snowmen or gingerbread men and let everyone decorate their own. Place the gingerbread men in a festive dish to imitate cookies. You can also string up your felt creations to hang in a window or somewhere else in the house.

Make “heart-felt” designs.

Felt is a great fabric to make other crafts with the family as well. Cut it into triangles and make felt forest by gluing it onto paper. Create flowers or trees out of the material as well. The sky’s the limit with felt creations. You can use the leftover scraps when you’re done to make colorful collages. 

Get ‘hands on’.

Have the family create festive handprint art for those who aren’t afraid to get “down and dirty.” Paint trees with their handprints for the branches and fingerprints as flowers. Trace your hands on paper, cut them out, and attach them in a circle to make a handprint wreath to hang around the house. 

Capture the view.

If your home faces great scenery then set everyone up with paper and paint to capture their view out the window. When everyone’s done compare the paintings to see what everyone else sees when they look out the window. If your window scenery isn’t exciting then let imaginations roam while they paint a winter forest scene, or use a holiday post card for inspiration. 

Let it snow!

Do you want to get your whole family involved in some festive decorating around the house? Grab some snow in a can (usually around $5 per can) at your local craft supply store and make your windows look like a winter wonderland. Use gift wrapping to cover doors and cabinets to add some holiday splash to your home.

How do you get your home feeling festive and full of family activities without breaking the bank? Do you have a favorite holiday craft?

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