The “Can Do” Approach to Caregiving

We’re such social creatures, aren’t we? A hug at the right time or an unexpected smile can brighten a bad day. Being isolated in time-out is a child’s worst enemy. And a friend taking time out of their busy schedule to have a genuine conversation can mean the world.

Senior Lost and Found Action Plan

Did you ever get lost in a mall as a child? Or worse, did you ever lose track of your toddler while searching for that last item on your grocery list? Panic sets in as you start to look around, eyes searching for your little one. And then, a wave of relief washes over when you turn the corner and find him on his toddler tip-toes, reaching for the Pop-Tarts.

The Weight of Being a Caregiver

Caregiver. Even the word carries a lot of weight, doesn’t it? It signifies a responsibility, a change in your role in life, sometimes a change in a relationship in your life… And for most people, there isn’t a “warm-up” or a dress rehearsal, it is a phase that starts on its own terms. Setting a determined, positive and even energetic tone for braving the ups and downs ahead encourages happiness. It also benefits the well-being of your loved one over time. Remember that Alzheimer’s and dementia are progressive, so the best thing you can do is remember what they can do.

Family Fun for the Labor Day Weekend

The long Labor Day weekend when your parents were younger was likely spent relaxing with family, grilling out in the backyard, and playing games like of horse shoes or catch. Today, beach trips and elaborate firework shows have taken the place of more low-key traditions. Feeling nostalgic yet?

It’s Never Too Late to Give Back

Most seniors have spent 40-50 years in the work force and would never consider going back to work, especially for free. But think about this -- volunteering is a great way for seniors to stay active and give back to their community. Not to mention, it can really benefit their health.

5 More Cancer-Fighting Foods

We found 5 more foods that help fight cancer. Some of these foods are fun to work into your diet and can add a bit of spice!

Tips to Keep Summer Adventures from Becoming Misadventures

After an unusually warm winter, it’s no surprise that summer seems to arrive even earlier in some parts of the country. Seniors need to be especially cautious when the temperatures and the humidity are high of course; but in the cooler mornings and evening and even throughout the day when it is cooler, there is plenty of time in the summer to enjoy the outdoors.

Beat the Heat: Important Health Information for Seniors in the Summer

The increase in heat, sun exposure, and time spent outdoors that comes with the summer months carries health risks for everyone, but these risks can be especially dangerous for seniors.

How to Keep Your Heart Healthy

The American Heart Association reports that on average, one American dies every 39 seconds from cardiovascular disease (CVD). That’s about 2,200 Americans every day. No doubt you have heard of the many things an individual can do to reduce the risk of CVD including; exercise, lose weight, lower the cholesterol level and take a low dose aspirin daily. But there’s new research showing another way to reduce the risk of CVD. Best of all, it’s really simple and inexpensive.

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