Should Your Aging Loved One Drive? Four Signs it’s Time for Senior Home Care Services

Driving might seem like a relatively simple, routine process, but as we age it can become more and more difficult. At Senior Helpers, we want your loved one to be safe behind the wheel; our senior home care services are designed to let your loved one safely go about their daily life.

October is National Cholesterol Month: Tips to Help Your Senior Loved One Eat Healthy

A balanced, healthy diet can help make other aspects of in-home senior health care much easier. While your senior doesn’t need the same number of calories they did decades ago, they still need a strong dietary plan. Here are some tips on how to make that happen.

Five Senior Care Resources We Offer at Senior Helpers

At Senior Helpers, we believe not only in giving back to the seniors in our community but also in educating families on their funding options, our types of care, and what partners we work with. By perusing our senior care resources, we hope that you will feel more informed and confident about the process.

Does My Loved One Need Dementia Care? Six Signs to Look For

Dementia is all too common among seniors, and many families can be unsure how to give their loved one the proper case. Often, it can prove overwhelming. If your loved one is demonstrating these symptoms they could need dementia care.

How to Help Combat Loneliness in a Senior Loved One with Senior Care Services

Unfortunately, loneliness is a common problem among seniors. According to a UCSF study, 18% of seniors live by themselves, and 43% claim to feel lonely on a regular basis. While none of us are strangers to occasional feelings of loneliness, isolation isn’t a choice for seniors with health concerns or mobility issues. Reluctantly, it can become their lifestyle. It can be difficult to stay active or keep in touch with friends for seniors who are homebound. In addition to health detriments, isolation and loneliness can also lead to severe psychological issues. As much as you’d like to always be there to keep our loved one company 24/7, that’s not always possible with a busy schedule and other obligations. With our attentive, experienced, and compassionate caregivers, Senior Helpers’ senior care services is the perfect resource for staving off your loved one’s loneliness.

In-Home Senior Care Tips: 6 Ways to Create a Safe Environment in Your Senior Loved One’s Home

If you’re the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one, you know that one of your biggest concerns is worrying about a fall. We all lose some of our coordination as we age, and even highly-independent seniors are at risk of falling. Our elderly loved ones are far more prone to serious injury when falling than those who are younger. Falls are the leading cause of injury and death among adults 65 years of age and older, and the most common cause of nonfatal injuries. Here are a few in-home senior care tips for preventing falls.

How Do Our Senior Concierge Services Stand Out?

If your loved one is moving into an assisted living facility or senior residence community, you’re probably worried about them receiving the individualized care they deserve. That’s why our senior concierge services are tailored to each senior, to make sure you and your loved one can determine exactly what services suit your needs. Our concierge services work in conjunction with the already established amenities of senior living communities, to ensure that your loved one can benefit from truly comprehensive care.

Senior Helpers Provides Top-Notch Assistance for Senior Veterans

Veterans play an important role in the Senior Helpers family. We’re proud to serve many of them in communities throughout the country, and we understand the unique difficulties they often encounter as they age. To be as accessible as possible, we offer premier assistance for senior veterans.

Your Loved One is in Good Hands with our Senior Care Services

Families naturally want to make sure their elder loved one is in good hands before enlisting the help of senior care services. With Senior Helpers, seniors and their families are reassured by our wide range of services, and highly-trained caregivers.

6 Expert Services We Offer at Senior Helpers

Are you considering hiring a professional caregiver for your senior loved one? Enlisting the help of an expert caregiver is an excellent way to ensure that the senior in your life is safe and comfortable, no matter what their unique needs might be.

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