Exercise is a great way to get seniors moving as well as improve their physical and mental health. Of course, our aging loved ones aren’t always able to hit the gym and pump iron.

Fortunately, there are several low-impact exercises that are suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities.

The best low-impact exercise is something most of us do every single day – walking. Try walking about the park or shopping mall. Walk a normal pace for five minutes, and then pick up the pace for the next five minutes. Changing your pace helps increase your heart rate without overdoing it. Remember to start off at an easier pace and gradually increase.

Swimming is an ultimate low-impact workout. Many gyms and community centers offer water aerobics classes. You and your aging loved ones can also workout in the water on your own. Start in the shallow end and walk back and forth as a warm up. Next, add water weights. Lifting weights in the water is less strenuous than lifting weights in the gym. Check out these other aquatic exercise routines here.

If your aging loved one is a fan of music, you should introduce them to a dancing class. Dancing is a fun way to get your heart rate going while avoiding the routine workout. Clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia will enjoy hearing music from their past as well!

Helping your aging loved ones partake in these low-impact exercises 3-5 times a week will not only improve their health, but yours as well!

What is your favorite low-impact exercise? Share your workout tips with us by commenting below or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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