Are you traveling for Thanksgiving this year? Thanksgiving is one of the biggest travel holidays, which means more traffic jams, long lines at tolls, and the potential for accidents.

Don’t let that keep you at home! Traveling during the holidays doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. Take a look at these tips from USA Today to ensure you and your loved ones have a smooth ride!

Watch the weather – Colder weather is always a concern when traveling around the holidays. Make sure you keep an active eye on the weather channel and avoid travel during winter storms.

Map it out – It’s always a good idea to have an alternative route in mind just in case you hit traffic. You should also map out where you will stop for food, rest, and gas. This will allow for better time management.

Pack and prepare – When you are traveling with young ones or your aging loved ones it is vital to be prepared. Make sure you pack enough clothing (again for the weather) as well as snacks and of course, medication. We always suggest bringing extra medication just in case you have to stay longer than anticipated.

If you plan to travel for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays, we would love to hear your travel advice. Share with us by commenting below or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Safe travels!

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