Think You Can’t Afford In-Home Senior Care? Think Again

At Senior Helpers, we know that getting your elderly loved one the in-home senior care they need is your number one priority. The goal for every loving caregiver is to allow their parent or loved one to remain in their own home, as independent as possible, with every ounce of dignity they have.

Safe Exercises and Tips to Recommend for Seniors

Exercising is a critical component of maintaining proper health as our bodies age. The things we can get away with when we are younger – or even the things we take for granted – change as we age. That includes the definition of “exercise,” which we’ll explain in a second. But the bottom line is simply that it’s never more critical to get enough exercise than when we are seniors and get older.

How to Control High Cholesterol & Other Healthy Habits for Senior Parents

High cholesterol is a major health problem for American adults, which means it’s even more important to monitor and control cholesterol problems in seniors, whose bodies require more care and attention to maintain stasis than younger, healthier bodies do.

How to Prepare for the Scare

Halloween is a fun time for many, but for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Halloween can be a very confusing and scary time.

Avoid Senior Hip Injuries with These Six Fall Prevention Tips

If you’re the primary caregiver for an elderly loved one – or have been in the past – you’ll know that arguably the biggest concern that keeps you up at night (or distracted and worried throughout your waking hours) is the risk of a fall.

Benefits of Your Elderly Loved One Eating a Balanced Diet

Everyone knows it’s important to eat a healthy diet, though many of us struggle to commit to one on any type of consistent basis. But when it comes to your elderly loved ones, it’s more important than ever to make sure they’re not just eating, but also eating healthy.

Take a Break! Helping Caregivers Relax and Stay Healthy

As caregivers we know it is easy to forget about your own health and comfort to focus on the needs of your loved ones.

Understanding Senior Depression

There’s a long list of things that can cause depression. Illnesses, memory loss, poor diet, loss of a loved one, change in routine, and medication are just a few.

What is Normal Aging?

If there is one thing that we all have in common it’s that every day, we grow a little older. Not to sound gloomy, but the aging process is something that happens throughout our lifespans.

Fall Proofing Your Loved One’s House

Did you know that accidents at home rank among the leading causes of death and injury among seniors?

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