I would recommend Senior Helpers because they are just so responsive! I call and they return the call! They always follow up.

Paul B.

I would recommend Senior Helpers, because they do what I've asked them to do! They have been quick to let me know about anything. They seem to keep a very close watch on my mom.

Mary P.

I would recommend Senior Helpers because I like their system, I like that they do senior gems, I like the caregiver I have, the caregivers are insured, and I know they do a good background check on their caregivers. Price wise they are very competitive.

Edwin J.

Senior Helpers is a very dependable agency. They send more than adequate caregivers. The office is very organized.

Joseph P.

Senior Helpers has sent very compassionate caregivers. They have all been loving and very understanding of our situation!

Charles S.

Senior Helpers basically made my life easier! It's also made it easier for my parents!

Standford E.

I would give anyone Senior Helpers’ contact information. I always tell them if they have a need give them a call. I really like them and they are very dependable. They have always said what they were going to do and they always do it. They are very dependable and caring.

Elizabeth C.

I am confident in Senior Helpers, because they go above and beyond the call of duty. They will do anything the client asks them to.

Katie S.

I love having someone who comes in to help my husband and talks to him. He gets lonesome and the caregiver is very, very good! Lawrence M. The caregivers are good at being alert. They know what needs to be done when they arrive. They make sure my brother is doing okay.

James D.

I am very appreciative of the fact that the caregivers come to take care of my father and that they are accommodating to any of my needs. It has been a great relief knowing someone I can trust is here taking care of my father.

William R.

The few times I have talked with the staff at Senior Helpers, they have been very helpful, courteous and polite. They are just excellent!

Antonio P.

The office staff at Senior Helpers always contacts me to notify me of any changes if necessary, so they keep in touch.

Georgia H.

The office staff is very flexible with my needs. They are always willing to follow through with what they have said.

Charles S.

If the primary caregiver needs a day off, Senior Helpers always provides another person to take her place.

Arthur D.

I have spoken with several members of the Senior Helpers office staff, and they just seem like good people. Most of them are Christians. That means a lot.

Louise R.

The caregivers and staff are really good. They are on top of things.

Lewis Z.

I feel like whenever we had a question, they responded to us. They answered all of our questions and came up with different solutions for us.

Robert C.

Sometimes when there were doctors appointments, on the day the caregiver was coming, we would tell her and the office and she would come on a different day or a different time. There are no restrictions.

Providenceia T.

Now there will be more hours and they seem very willing to make adjustments as we see fit.

Georgia H.

They do a good job of coordinating the schedule with me.

Kim H.

They were able to adapt to what my parents wanted. I love the office staff. They keep in contact and abreast of any problems or things I need to know.

Jane A.

Dear Glen,

On behalf of my Mother and our family, I wanted to let you know what a great
employee (as well as a wonderful person that Angelica is). We believe that
due to her quick thinking, efforts and caring, she saved my Mother's life
this morning.

Angelica's efforts to help my Mother definitely went above and beyond the
call of duty. Angelica arrived at her normal scheduled time and located her
outside under the carport.  Angelica lifted my Mother up off the concrete
and got her into warm shelter. She drove to Oak Hill Hospital's Emergency
Room so that my Mother would have someone that she knew with her in the ER
and stayed with her until I could get there.

Angelica has given my Mom the very best of care, patience and understanding.
She is a remarkable person and we will forever be appreciative of her

 Sincerely,   Sherri B.


Dear Glen, Sheila, Michelle, Jennifer, Stephanie and Rachel,

Thank you for the thoughtful and kind condolence card. It is comforting to know that you are thinking of me during this difficult time.

My family and I would like to thank you for the care you provided for my husband, Charles. You were diligent in providing personnel when requested and were kind enough to respond to our specific needs in a timely manner.

I specially would like to thank Perry, Penny and Jonal. Each of these wonderful and gentle people brought their own special strengths to our home. Their concern for my husband's well being was very apparent and each one had a way of bolstering his spirits when it was most needed.

Josephine W.


I've had a day to reflect on our conversation yesterday. First of all thank you for spending the time visiting with me and concerning yourself with the care of my father. I can't begin to express what it meant to know you and the people of Senior Helpers care enough to have a person in your position. Your passion for elder care and your compassion for the caregiver touched me. It's a great comfort, believe me. I've noticed when given the opportunity to visit with people I can get very chatty. I wasn't like that before moving here and I can't seem to control it. I guess it's the isolation. So thank you, also, for your patience with me.

Bill R

We have been extremely satisfied with your services to our Mother, Vivian D., however we have known for some time that she should have twenty-four hour, seven day a week, care. I was notified today that there is an opening at a small, home environment, assisted living facility close to my home and my sister and I will be moving Mom to this location. Please feel free to use us as a reference to any future clients.

Cheri M. & Jenny D.

Glen, First and foremost I would like to thank you and your organization for everything you have done for me and my dad. The professionalism and caring nature of everyone in your company is refreshing when dealing with such delicate and sensitive situations. Dad is getting accustomed to the new environment and will do well once he is established there long enough. God Bless each and every one of you for all your assistance and help. Thanks again for all you have done,


Glen, I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the care provided during the past year for my mother. The agency has always been prompt in filling any needs that we had and her caregivers have been outstanding with few exceptions. I specifically want to mention Patricia. I am a nursing manager. In all my years of nursing (36 to be exact) I have never seen a more caring, compassionate caregiver. She is exceptional. She anticipated my mother’s needs and she provided her care in a loving manner. She would try to stimulate my mom (who has Lewey body dementia) in new ways. She had her write a letter to me when she first started working with her…then took the time to frame it for me as a gift from my Mom. It is probably the last gift I will ever have received from my mother in a tangible way. But more importantly the best gift Patty gave me was “peace of mind”. I never once worried as I knew would and could handle everything. From keeping the place clean to feeding my Mom…Patty covered all of the bases. I used to joke with Clair( my mom’s significant other) “it’s better than having me there!”. When a medical professional is trying to care for their own relative it is difficult to be objective. Patty gave me the objectivity. Clair loved her too and knew we could always count on her. She never missed a day. I also want to mention LaSonia as she also provided care with compassion and was her night caregiver towards the end. Mom has now transitioned into a nursing home.. and ran up the steps to the facility. She is now “home” where she has been telling me she wanted to go for 2 years. She is in the place where she always told me to take her if she could no longer care for herself. We made the decision to honor those wishes. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making the past year manageable with competent care.


I wish to commend your employee Renee, for the excellent job she did in caring for my parents. Renee was their constant companion for 6 months. She very quickly tailored her care to their routine. She understood and respected their likes and dislikes. Always cheerful and upbeat, Renee kept them motivated and encouraged them; she focused only on what they COULD do, not what they COULD NOT do. Renee did her job exceedingly well: offering companionship and conversation, meal preparation, housekeeping, shopping, medication reminders, and hygiene assistance. Then Renee offered herself: taking them to the park for picnic lunches and bird watching, taking them to their favorite ice cream shop for the Wednesday afternoon special, $1.00 cones! Also taking them to numerous doctors’ appointments and writing down everything said by the doctor in order to best relay information back to me and my brother, bringing them home from the hospital – which happened on several occasions, bringing CD’s from her home of favorite songs that my parents enjoyed, playing cards (which was one of their favorite past times), bringing word search puzzles for my mother to encourage her thought processes, planting lovely flowers outside their front door to brighten the otherwise dreary entry way, taking pictures of my parents happy moments- not knowing these were some of the last days for my dad, making sure they both got their share of sunshine and fresh air with walks in their neighborhood. The list goes on, but this is to only touch on the many selfless gifts she gave to my parents. Renee’s work was a blessing to my parents and she will always be remembered for her kindness. With appreciation and admiration,


There was one time when my husband passed out and I had to rush to the hospital to take care of him. When we returned to our home we discovered that the caregiver had gotten down on her hands and knees and scrubbed our kitchen floor. It is things like this that make me very satisfied with the services. Caregivers always go above and beyond what I ask them to do.


Thank you so much for helping Ralph secure a disability pension from the Department of Veteran Affairs. This will greatly lighten our financial burden. Thank you so very much for your help and input. It has been a great pleasure to accept your help and with Eileen doing such a marvelous job. We sure are lucky to have you and our “earth angel” Thanks a million,


I just wanted to thank you for everything you did to help my mom. It was so appreciated. Take care and thank you again,


I believe that you are a top of the line company and gave the VA a great report when they sent me the customer satisfaction form to fill out. I do believe that you select a higher caliber of employees. You do have what you indicated…integrity. Thanks. God Bless You. Love and Prayers.

Pastor J

 Recently we were privileged to receive the services of Joyce as a care provider. Joyce was excellent! She showed an amazing capacity to work with my mother who is convalescing from surgery. Joyce was insightful and caring in her work with my elderly parent. Her communication skills were above average and her professional expertise put our family at ease.


Thank you so much for your email and voicemail last week. My aunt passed early Saturday morning. We know she is now resting peacefully. We appreciate everything that Senior Helpers did to assist my family during this time. I know my aunt was very pleased with the care and put her at ease, knowing she had someone she trusted in the house with her overnight. Thanks for everything.


I wanted to send a letter of recognition to each of your caregivers that most often assisted my parents. If I left anyone un-recognized it was surely not intentional. I will continue to hold you, Michelle, your entire staff and all the caregivers in deepest appreciation. So far, my mother is adapting well to her new surroundings. She was delighted to actually receive a visit from 2 of her caregiver. I send time with my mother each and every day and she enjoys recalling the kindness shown to her and my dad from all your caregivers.


Senior Helpers is very prompt and dependable. They always help my husband with anything he needs and they do small things around the house to make us feel comfortable. The caregiver helps us stay out of a nursing home. The caregiver's schedule is coordinated very well. She is always concerned about her clients and the time she dedicates to them.

Jarlath M

I would recommend Senior Helpers to another person or family that needs in-home care.

Brigitte K

I would recommend this agency for home care because if I have a problem the office staff will fix it for me. It's hard for me to get in and out of the car and do certain things in the house. My caregiver is always there to help me right away.

Walter P

I would absolutely recommend Senior Helpers to someone in need. The dealings that I have had with the office staff have been great. The helper speaks with interest and compassion. She is so sincere. She shows her compassion by how she addresses my husband by name and trying to see how his day is.

David W

I have already recommended the services and I definitely would again. The office staff definitely knows what they are doing because we have not had any problems.

Inez R

I will recommend Senior Helpers to anyone because of the difference they have made in our lives. They are very thoughtful and kind to dad. It's like they are related. They hug him and make me feel that they belong to his family.

Allen B

I have recommended Senior Helpers before. I have told people that my mother couldn't be at home without their help. They were responsive when I call and they are willing to help in any way that they can. If there is an emergency they are very willing to find someone to take care of things. All the caregivers are very compassionate towards my mother. They go out of their way to make sure that my mother has what she needs to feel comfortable. They also make sure that she is happy.

Vivian D

I would highly recommend the services to others and I will continue to use them. I am completely confident in the office staff. They have showed up to every appointment on time. I can also tell that they are very caring. They have been able to provide the caregiver at the times that we requested. I also appreciate that they were able to find one caregiver to cover all the services, instead of us having multiple caregivers.

Elizabeth C

When I call the office they return my phone calls and understand. They are professional on the phone. The caregivers Andre has have been very good to him. They come and stay a little longer, going above and beyond what they are supposed to do. They develop a personal relationship with him and go the extra mile to make him feel like family.

Andre B

She makes sure that Mom is comfortable and asks her if there is anything special she would like to do. She tries to make Mom the center of attention.

Carol C

My dad is rambunctiousness and doesn't want to comply. She has a lot of patience with him and tells him they have to keep going. She communicates it in a very good manner though. She never gets rude with him.

Thomas G

I can't sleep until I let you know how blown away I am by the professionalism, and care shown by your company already towards myself and my mom. First, your calls during your time off, followed by lovely Vanessa who made an instant connection with mom. This morning, I find mom beaming as she was walking down the hallway with Laurie and, finally, I belatedly checked my voice mails on my drive home to find a message from Pam describing the plan and all that she had found thus far. During this new chapter with mom, it is beyond comforting to know that people are there for you when you need them.


My mother is being moving onto the Memory Care Unit the beginning of next week. We appreciate the assistance Senior Helpers has provided this past month. Again, thank you for your help in keeping our Mom safe.

Charlene P