This past week, we at Senior Helpers were given the opportunity to offer a Memory Loss workshop at the South Ward Senior Citizen Center (SWCC) in Newark. It was sponsored by Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and presented by Christina Candido, our Director of Community Relations, to an audience of nearly 40 local seniors! They spent over an hour discussing memory loss prevention, reminiscing together, and learning from each other.

When asked to share her greatest accomplishment with the group, a SWSCC member said, “I learned to stop worrying so much about everything and just focus on the positive.” Christina applauded her for her achievement and added that “this, of course, takes time and is a great challenge for us all!” The group then received even more pearls from this very wise senior: “Be thankful. Really appreciate life and all of your blessings. Be grateful, and you’ll no longer be worried about worrying.”

What a powerful and admirable achievement. Renowned psychologist Erik Erikson explained that we spend a big portion of our adult lives frantically searching for creative, meaningful work, dreading the idea of being “stuck.” We immerse ourselves in our responsibilities, striving to attain what’s unattainable and fill the void that is its absence. Little do we realize, though, that by focusing on what we’ve yet to acquire, we lose sight of how fortunate and capable we already are.

Our insightful audience member’s wisdom can be applied in any situation and at any point in one’s life; whether you’re an adult still striving or a senior reflecting back, it is essential that we realize and take pride in our accomplishments. Our Senior Gems® program encourages doing just that: we focus on what is precious and unique about each individual, celebrating what they can still do and nurturing a positive, purposeful life at home. At Senior Helpers, we use constructive strategies and an affirmative approach that works. Most importantly, we lift spirits and applaud strengths. Together, we remind each other to focus on the positive!

To find out more about Senior Gems® or to receive a complimentary DVD, please feel free to email Christina at

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