Tips to Reduce Risky Winter Maintenance Tasks in a Senior's Home
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Serving Edina and the surrounding areas.
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Home Changes That Reduce Risky Winter Maintenance Tasks for Senior Residents

Home Changes That Reduce Risky Winter Maintenance Tasks for Senior Residents

Winter has arrived and with it comes beautiful scenery, lights, winter weather, and toasty fireplaces. However, it also brings ice, snow, and potentially dangerous situations for seniors as they go about their day. On the plus side, however, there are things that can be done to a senior's home that will reduce risky winter maintenance tasks and possible injury.

Take a look at suggestions to prepare a senior's home and help them have a healthier, safer, and happier winter.

Have Your Chimney and Flue Cleaned and Inspected Yearly

It is important to have the chimney and flue cleaned and inspected by a professional yearly. Build-up and debris can cause problems with the chimney, including fires. A clean and inspected chimney can offer peace of mind for seniors and their family members. What's more, it prevents seniors from climbing on top of the roof to remove a clog!

Shovel and Salt Walkways Before Inclement Weather

As winter arrives in a flurry of snow and ice, so does the danger of slips and falls for seniors. Even simple things such as walking to the mailbox and back can be a challenge for seniors. To prevent injuries, try shoveling and salting a senior's walkway —  this can go a long way toward preventing a fall.

Prepare a Senior's Home for a Power Outage

Winter weather has a tendency to increase the number of power outages people experience, especially here in the Minneapolis area. Ice, snow, and sleet can weigh down power lines, making power outages a more common experience. To prepare for power outages, there are things that will help make sure seniors will stay comfortable and safe. Here are a few things that are beneficial to have in an easily accessible location:

  • Stock up on flashlights and batteries so that seniors will have light if the power goes on and can still find their way around comfortably.
  • Have a pile of blankets that are in an easily accessible location so seniors can easily grab one and stay warm.
  • Have an extra supply of hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters, and other winter weather gear so that seniors can layer clothing to help them stay warm even when the power is out.
  • Seniors can keep the pantry stocked with non-perishable foods that can be eaten cold, as well as other snacks and food.

Senior Helpers of South Minneapolis Can Help

Preparing a senior's home for winter weather can contribute to reducing the risky winter maintenance tasks. The above tips are just a few ways to help prepare a senior's home and avoid the risk of injuries.

At Senior Helpers of South Minneapolis, we provide seniors in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Minnetonka, and Hennepin County areas with in-home care services to help them prepare, both physically and mentally, for the onslaught of winter. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you and your family.