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7 Benefits of Home Healthcare

According to Minnesota’s Employment and Economic Development, in less than 20 years, Minnesota’s older adult population will be approaching 1.26 million. Enrollment in the state Medical Assistance program (Minnesota’s version of Medicaid) is projected to increase 85 percent to 71,500.

With the rise of the aging population comes a great need for senior care than ever before. As Caregivers evaluate the options for their loved ones, we’re sharing the top 7 benefits of home healthcare that our clients say they’ve experienced working with Senior Helpers. 

1. Range of services
Depending your loved one’s needs, home health caregivers can provide services as basic as errand-running and housework, all the way to Dementia or Alzheimer’s-specific care that they’ve been properly trained to deliver. 

2. Relationship with caregiver
With home health care, your loved one will be matched with a caregiver that is both able to provide the services they need and is someone who they enjoy being around. Unless there’s a need for change, your loved one will have the same caregiver at every visit. Our caregivers and clients often form a special bond of friendship during their time together.

3. Affordable cost
Relative to almost any other type of healthcare options available for aging loved ones, home health care is the most affordable option. You’ll pay an hourly rate, only for the amount of care you need, and the level of care can be adjusted as your needs change.

4. Flexibility
One of the greatest benefits that our clients talk about is the flexibility of home health care. The care agreement is determined to fit your loved one’s specific needs, schedule, and budget. And, if any of those elements change, we adapt to those changes. You don’t pay for care that you don’t need or hours that you don’t use.

5. Peace of mind
Our Roseville, Big Lake, and St. Cloud locations are locally and family owned here in Minnesota. One of the reasons we got in to in home health is because be know how much time and concern is spent caring for and worrying about our aging parents. We wanted to give our clients the peace of mind that we would want in the same situation.

6. Household chores
Keeping up on household chores it hard at any age, but for our aging loved ones, it can become both burdensome and unsafe. In-home caregivers are able to help with light housekeeping, ensuring your loved one is living in a clean, safe environment.

7. Keeping their pet
Having a pet companion can be so good for our souls. When your loved one is able to stay at home and receive the services they need, they’re usually able to keep their pet, giving them a sense of stability and comfort. 

There are so many benefits of home health care in Minnesota. Your loved one’s safety and care is our number one priority. See the benefits for yourself by working with a Senior Helpers caregiver who has a passion for care and a heart for people.