Suzanne J. was visiting Minnesota nearly a year ago and is happy that she will be returning to her home in Arizona at the end of January.  Suzanne says she doesn’t know what she would have done without Senior Helpers’ caregiver, Shayna Lawson, who provided Suzanne with companionship during her recovery.

Suzanne ended up in the Emergency Room with a kidney stone while vacationing in MN that resulted in a nearly one year recovery away from home.  She had no family here to help her.  She had developed an infection and after a series of operations was in a coma for almost four months and lost one of her kidneys.  Suzanne suffered from brain damage after she came out of her coma and it takes her a long time to think and make decisions but that didn’t stop her from getting better and getting home.  It has been a slow process, but once she was well enough she was moved to an assisted living facility in Bloomington.  The assisted living facility connected Suzanne with Senior Helpers because she needed someone to spend time with and take her out on errands.  Suzanne is in her 60’s and said “most of the people here are 20 years older than me, Shayna is my catalyst, she likes to go and have fun, I really enjoy her, if she wasn’t available I don’t know what I would do with myself.”

For Suzanne thinking and planning is very difficult and she can only walk a short distance with her walker before getting tired.  Suzanne says, “Shayna doesn’t get uptight about anything, she is very patient with me and I depend on her in order to have a link with the real world.”  

Everyone at Senior Helpers thanks Shayna and the amazing light she has shed on Suzanne’s stay in Minnesota.   That one to one attention and time has made her stay here so much more enjoyable.  “The elderly should get out and do stuff, going places is so important,” says Suzanne.  We agree and we wish Suzanne a safe trip home!

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