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February is National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month, here are the top 15 foods that are good for your heart:

No Stress Holiday Ideas

As family member and loved ones age, keeping the holidays fun and stress free requires some planning. By mapping out some ideas and activities, you can save a lot of unwanted drama! Here are some tips to help you this holiday.

Fun & Economical Holiday Activities

In preparation for the holidays, getting creative can not only help keep us busy, but help put you in the holiday spirit! Here are some fun and meaningful things to do.

Save Time and Money This Thanksgiving

As most of us know, the holidays are not only a lot of fun, but can be a lot of work and expensive too. Thanksgiving generally kicks off the season and it's a great time to put some plans in place to cut down expenses. Here are a few ideas that can save you some money this holiday season!

Get a Hobby to Help Stay Sharp and Social

Finding a hobby of interest can help keep your mind engaged and provide a creative outlet (which helps mental dexterity too!) In fact, finding a few hobbies is a good idea as interests and abilities may change as we age. The importance of continually expanding your horizons and learning cannot be dismissed. Multiple studies show that such activities can help keep people healthy, both mentally and physically.

Learning To Prevent Falls

Exercise plays a major role in preventing falls. When we see older adults shuffling instead of walking, they are actually compensating for lack of balance and poor posture. These seniors take shorter strides, have a wider gait and tend to look at the floor to try to avoid tripping.

Holiday Lifestyle Check Ups for Seniors & Their Loved Ones

The holidays are soon upon us and that means that many of us will see relatives for the first time in many months. This is a good time to reconnect and in some cases where an elder may be involved, make sure loved ones are truly well, physically and mentally.

Overcoming Resistance to Senior Care

It can be very difficult on everyone involved when a loved one who may need assisted care, is resistant to the idea. By understanding and alleviating the reasons for such resistance, you and your loved ones can ensure a cooperative and healthy approach to their ongoing care.

Fast & Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

All hail the slow cooker! With a little planning, you can start your meal in the morning, leave it alone and hour later have the perfect dinner hot & ready! With the slow cooker ready to go, here are some great recipes that will limit your kitchen time while keeping you happy at the dinner table! Let us know how your meal turns out and share your experiences with us!

Be Prepared For Autumn

AUTUMN TIPS FOR A HEALTHY AND HAPPY SEASON! Autumn is quickly approaching and with the change of seasons are a few things that every senior should consider when it comes to staying healthy and happy. By setting aside some autumn "prep time", you can save time and money!

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