Hi Norm,

My family and I really appreciated our experience with Senior Helpers for the care of our parents. Your service and staff were so helpful from the beginning, even when we weren't using your services directly. Your advice on dealing with Alzheimer's or educating us on how to deal with dementia was invaluable. None of us knew what to expect and your Senior Gem program allowed us to understand how to deal with each stage of our parent's dementia. Everyone at Senior Helpers, from the office staff to the caregivers, were exceptionally caring and professional. Our main caregiver, Melissa, is a great asset to your business and was a vital, exceptional member of our care team and has become like part of our family in caring for our parents. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone who needs assistance with a family member dealing with dementia or if age related help is required. Thank you very much for all your help.

Dominic and family, Portland

I really appreciate Senior Helpers and how they communicate and keep us informed. We can call them, request changes to our schedule, and ask for anything we want and they are always very kind and receptive. I feel like everyone in this agency cares about me, almost like we’re personal friends. I highly recommend Senior Helpers' services because the caregivers are friendly, prompt, and they never forget. In fact, I haven't met a single Senior Helpers caregiver I didn't like.

Ame T., Portland, OR

Senior Helpers is very compassionate and caring. They made sure someone was always there when my Mom needed any kind of help. The caregivers were totally focused on Mom, which is exactly what I wanted. The girls were all very courteous and loving and Mom appreciated every one of them. They were very knowledgeable in regards to her illnesses and issues, but they did more than just come and sit with her. They kept her busy engaging in conversation, asking her about her meals, and what she liked. They also took care of her dogs, which meant a lot to my Mom, even picking up after the dogs sometimes, which shows the level of their compassion. Then if Mom was sleeping or resting, they would do some light cleaning around the house.
Even though I live in another state, I always felt like I was in the loop because Senior Helpers has such great communication. The office staff always called me about upcoming holidays to confirm I wanted care that day and they would always let me know if a caregiver was going to be late. The owner would regularly call me and let me know how things went as well. He came out frequently and checked on Mom personally to make sure that she had everything she needed. I was very satisfied with the care from Senior Helpers. They were always there for us.

Jan G. (San Diego, CA) whose Mom lived in Vancouver, WA

We went through several agencies, and talked to several people when selecting care for my parents and by far Senior Helpers is the best. Norm, the owner of the company is so helpful. He has really been great. One thing we really like is Senior Helpers keeps a daily journal sitting in my parents’ room. Whenever we go visit them, we can read the journal and see what has been going on throughout the week. That is very helpful.
Melissa is our main caregiver and she is definitely a ten. She normally sits with my mom for four hours a day but there was a time when my dad was away in rehabilitation and we needed twenty-four hour care for Mom. I frantically called the office staff and they were very flexible, even on such short notice. Whenever we needed help, they had somebody there for us. In really stressful times like that, it is very comforting knowing your parents are being so well cared for. I have already recommended Senior Helpers to several people and would recommend them to anybody.

Ann C., Gresham, OR

The overall quality of service provided by Senior Helpers is great for our family. I appreciate how much Anna, our caregiver, really enjoys my mother. She shows compassion by showering mom and reading her favorite books. She knows how to make Mom calm and happy and is always finding new things she wants to do. My mom really likes her.
Whenever I’ve had a problem, I have felt the Senior Helpers office staff are really looking out for me. Rather than wait for me to forget, they will quickly contact me with an alternative to suggest. When Mom became ill and I needed extra caregiver help on short notice, Senior Helpers had people there and prepared right when we needed them.

I highly recommend Senior Helpers.

Tammy C., Portland, OR

I'm a big fan of Senior Helpers!

I appreciate that the agency selects warm, caring people and that they have done such a good job training and then matching my mom's personality to her caregiver. Their communication style is really good. There is a book Senior Helpers keeps at my mother's home and the caregivers write in it every day so I am always informed of what is happening when I’m not there.
I'm extremely satisfied with Mom’s main caregiver, Kelly. She is not only providing personal care, it’s clear she prepares ahead of time. She has excellent communication, her timeliness is great, and she is intelligent. She is really good about adjusting to my mom's behavior and has realistic expectations for what Mom can do and how she will respond. She is attentive, she communicates really well with me, and she talks about things my mom is interested in. The office staff is knowledgeable, compassionate, and the members have good personalities. They provide training to their staff and are nationally recognized for their outcomes. I would highly recommend, and have already recommended, Senior Helpers. They're excellent!

Kathee D., Portland, OR

My mother passed away last month, but Senior Helpers helped her stay in her own home for over a year. It gave me peace of mind knowing there was someone checking on her besides myself. Mom really liked her caregiver, Sally. She was a lot of help and provided companionship. Mom didn't want a caregiver to start with, but she quickly became attached to Sally and looked forward to her visits. She was honest, trustworthy, and caring. Sally would visit during hours that I wasn't there. She was very respectful of time. If she was going to be late or had something that came up, she would let Mom know. When my mom was in the hospital, Sally would sit with her so I could come home. She was wherever we needed her to be. It was wonderful.
Sally had a lot of knowledge of how to deal with people who were aging with dementia. She knew how to help and assist in moving people and she knew her boundaries. Early on, she would take my Mom and her husband out in the car, and when it became more difficult, she knew her boundaries and was honest about when she wasn't comfortable. I respect the fact that when it was too difficult, she didn't try something beyond her abilities. Sally was very compassionate, and my mom really loved her. She thought of her as family. Sally was compassionate in caring for her and understanding her frustrations. Some people have compassion, and some don't. Sally definitely does. My confidence in the Senior Helpers office staff is excellent. Whenever I called, I would get just what I needed. I would often get Norm, who is the owner. He would return calls or emails in a very timely manner. Anytime I had a question or needed to make a change, the Senior Helpers team was very quick to respond and very flexible. They allowed Sally to visit my mom in the hospital rather than at home. And when Mom finally moved to assisted living, the Senior Helpers staff were very accommodating, even when I wanted to limit the duration of Sally’s visits.
Senior Helpers delivered, and we couldn't have asked for a better, more compassionate caregiver than Sally. I think that Senior Helpers has a wonderful service to offer.

Shirley I., Portland, OR

Dear Norm,

While our family must have been one of Senior Helpers’ most challenging cases, the truth is we don't know where we'd be today if we hadn't found you! With Mom having mid-stage Alzheimer's and Dad being determined to provide all her needs and care himself, even when that wasn’t humanly possible, it was a monumental struggle to convince them they needed professional help. The way you talked with Dad and shared your own experiences and knowledge of dementia was key to making progress. For those who are going through something similar, Norm’s knowledge of the dementia journey is invaluable. It allows him to guide families through the process step-by-step. He is a very caring and compassionate professional, as is Mary, the Senior Helpers’ nurse. In fact, their compassion and caring is reflected in all of the people employed in their agency. We just can't say enough good things about Senior Helpers and will recommend you and your agency to anyone we encounter who have elderly parents needing extra professional, compassionate care beyond what a family can provide. Your agency is in a class by itself and far above the rest! Thank you so much.

David & Maria K., Portland

Norm and Kelli,

Thank you for your attention to the needs and care. Your professional and compassionate concern was impressive.

Suzanne, Bellevue, WA

Dear Norm,

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you and your associates for caring for my Mom during a difficult part of her life. What started out as a relatively simple 8 hour overnight supervision plan quickly changed into a 56 hour care demand that your team was able to pull off on very little notice.

When I met you and Mary Dickinson RN, I was assured that my Mom would receive compassionate care and supervision at a critical time near the end of her life and I am convinced she received just that.

I found Steve and Jane, the caregivers I met in person, to be very caring individuals who were more than up to the task of dealing with end of life care for someone who could no longer care for herself. I am grateful to them as well as the other caregivers whom I did not meet.

I may never again require the services of your organization, but rest assured if I encounter anyone who is in need, that I will highly recommend you and your associates.
Best regards,

Mark M., Portland

Dear Norm,

Our family would like to express our appreciation for the excellent care provided by your staff.

In our experience, Senior Helpers' caregivers were not only punctual and professional, but polite, thoughtful, and considerate at all times. The numerous small things that Senior Helpers does, like keeping a daily log and assuring us we could always call you in case of problems, were much appreciated. You handled all issues and questions, promptly and professionally.

Most importantly, with your help we were able to take a much-needed break from the demanding strain of providing 100% of our Dad's care, and regain some quality family time together. Knowing Dad was always receiving excellent care provided invaluable peace of mind.

Thanks again, especially to Jared, Briana, and yourself, for all you do.

Barry & Sheree Vancouver, Washington


Care and comfort at a moment’s notice is a very apt tag line for the service you provide. Receiving a phone call that your loved one is in need of immediate assistance is stressful in its own right, but to receive the call when you live over 2,500 miles away adds an additional layer of anxiety.

After calling another service that was unable to assist at a moment’s notice, I’m so grateful that one phone call to Senior Helpers solved our in-home care needs. Your own personal interest in my mother-in-law certainly helped to put the right caregivers in place. Mom liked, enjoyed, and trusted each member of your team that she interacted with, which gave me the additional time to better plan an appropriate course of action for her care.

If the need arises again in the near future, I will not hesitate to contact you again, and I would recommend your service to any who find themselves in similar circumstances.
Thank you so much.

Sandra, from South Carolina, (mother lives in Portland)