Heart Healthy Tips for Senior Nutritional Needs

Studies have shown that we tend to cut back on eating as we age, though clearly every individual has a different appetites, body types, metabolisms, nutritional needs and health challenges. The best advice for maintaining cardiovascular health is to get plenty of exercise and eat a balanced diet made up of small portions lacking in salt, processed sugars and saturated fats, yet high in the right vitamins, proteins, healthy fats like the ones found in fish and lots of fresh veggies and fruits. In fact, when it comes to eating the best we can, farm fresh produce, meats, whole grains and other non-processed foods are optimal. Eating organically also keeps us from ingesting unnecessary and potentially harmful things like fertilizers, animal hormones or antibiotics and other types of chemicals.

Cutting back on calories isn’t for everyone, though, and not just because we love our sweets. If you or an elderly person in your life has trouble swallowing or takes medications that decrease appetite, getting the proper amount of healthy calories can be a challenge. Being able to swallow food without the fear of choking or having food ‘stuck in your throat’ is very important, as having a fear of eating can develop into an eating disorder and compound already challenging medical issues. Food thickeners and purees help eating to become a pleasurable experience again for those living with a swallowing disorder.



Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move! Initiative and the Future of Aging

On March 4th, Michelle Obama was the featured guest on a Google+ Fireside Hangout hosted by talk show host Kelly Ripa, to kick off the third anniversary of the FLOTUS’ Let’s Move! initiative and celebrate its tangible success in engaging our nation’s children in being more active and eating more healthily.

Needless to say, engaging kids means that people of all ages are getting involved, from boomer parents to grandparents and other senior friends and family. Consider for a moment, though, the true impact of a healthy nation. Though the immediate crisis in taking care of a nation that has aged and is yet aging rapidly may be marginally impacted by a program focused on youth, the future of aging is potentially brighter, as healthier school lunches, creative ways to get active and nutritional education will inevitably cut down on healthcare costs in the long run.

Transitioning into better health is not an overnight process, for individuals or a healthy health system, but taking these steps and sticking with them are crucial. In a recent article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette titled “Boomers Live Longer, but Sicker than Parents,” it was reported that, “Despite a growing number of health clubs and diet and exercise trends, baby boomers aren’t nearly as healthy as their parents were” at the same age. Siting higher instances of obesity, diabetes and the use of mobility devices, it went on to say that, “Lousy health habits appear to be the chief reason why.”


Sibling Strife: How to Resolve the 3 Senior Care Issues Siblings Fight About Most

Roxanne Greene's* beloved father was ill. Her mother--a critical, difficult woman who was in the early stages of Alzheimer's disease--needed help finding him treatment and end-of-life care. Greene researched, visited and priced-out numerous facilities, finally settling on a nursing home a short drive away from her home.

Green's father died within a couple of months, and soon after, her mother's behavior became more erratic, and more dangerous. Stove burners were left on, doors weren't locked, meals went uneaten. Clearly, Mom was no longer capable of living alone. Amid alternating bouts of complacency and hurtful accusations, Roxanne moved her mother to a memory-care facility where she eventually, mercifully, suffered a stroke and died.

The entire ordeal lasted just over two years. During that time, Roxanne was chauffeur, business manager, caregiver, health advocate, insurance mediator, maid, errand-runner, legal surrogate and dutiful, loving daughter to her parents. She built relationships with everyone who came in contact with her caustic mother, trying to soften the verbal assaults with homemade cookies. She planned two funerals. She did everything an only child should do.




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