As the fall season quickly approaches and we head for the indoors, our lives get busier and busier. Back to school activities, sports, work, and the start of holiday planning begin to take over.

Though these times are busy, they often include time with family. Unfortunately, as our parents and grandparents age, it becomes increasingly difficult to include them in various family affairs.  We may want to have them be a part of the fun, but it is hard to coordinate the logistics.

Senior Helpers is here to help! Keeping your aging loved ones as contributing members of the family is important. Here are a few ways to get you started:

Seek assistance – Senior Helpers can help with your transportation needs such as picking up your aging loved one, providing companionship at your gathering, and transportation back home. Learn more about Senior Helpers’ transportation services here!

Visit them – Your loved one will enjoy spending time with you, and we know you will enjoy spending time with them!

Party plans – Your aging loved one might feel like they are a nuisance. Make sure they know they are welcome!  Include them in the party planning, and get their thoughts and input on meal plans, decorations, and anything else.

At Senior Helpers, we know that family is above all, so make sure you celebrate your aging loved ones and your family every day!

What makes your family celebrations fun? Share with us by commenting below, or by sharing on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

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