Going to school is something the vast majority has in common. Walking into class for the first time with your backpack strapped on and your lunch in hand is a memory that you share with many – including your aging loved one. Have you ever asked your senior about their favorite school memories? Why not start today? Discussing school memories can help your aging loved one remember their school days as well as the lessons they learned back in the day.

Favorite class – Ask your aging loved one what their favorite subjects were in school. If they said they like science, consider incorporating cooking and science. If they like English class, hand them a diary, and tell them to write about their favorite story.

Teachers – Talking about favorite and least favorite teachers can give you a better understanding of how your aging loved one learns.

Projects – Help your senior remember some of their “A+” projects. This will help them remember their proudest memories from school and boost their confidence to continue learning.

Everybody is getting ready to go back to school! Whether it's starting kindergarten or off to college, school supplies have hit the shelves and back to school clothing is displayed in every store. Use this time to chat with your loved one about their old school days. Seniors love to reminisce and what better topic than old school friends, favorite teachers and especially favorite subjects. Bring the grandkids along and let them compare notes on school today and back in the “olden” days.

Use this time to find out what still might be of interest to your loved one. If reading was their favorite subject, plan a trip to the library to find a classic that they remember reading. If science was their specialty, invite him or her to do a bit of research for your child's science fair project. With a little thought and effort, you can keep your senior engaged in a wide variety of activities!

Finally, if your loved one is still interested in learning, find a class that may be of interest to them. It may be as simple as a small class at your local senior center or library or something more difficult at a local community college. Keeping your loved one's mind active and engaged is a wonderful way to help in the aging process.

Finally, Senior Helpers Home Care knows that it is not always possible to be with your senior 24/7. If you feel your mom or dad needs some help in the house, a ride to the local senior center, some help getting ready in the morning to start the day or simply some companionship, Senior Helpers has licensed aides and companions ready to help. Call today for information.

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