No matter how much you prepare for the heat, there is always the possibility that your aging loved one could be negatively affected by the summer sun. That’s why it is so important to know the signs and symptoms of heat stroke to better prepare for immediate care. Remember that the sooner you recognize the issue, the sooner you will be able to get the help your senior will need.

Signs and Symptoms

The main symptom of heat stroke is a core body temperature of 105 degrees. Other symptoms can include:

 --Throbbing headache

--Dizziness and feeling light-headed

--Lack of sweating

--Red, hot, and dry skin

--Muscle weakness or cramps

--Nausea and vomiting

--Rapid, shallow breathing 


The summer can get extremely hot here in new Jersey and this summer has been one of the hottest in a long time. This past week the heat index had the temperature feeling as if it were well over 100 degrees.  The high heat and humidity can be a concern for everyone, but it is most dangerous for the elderly population. Both hired caregivers and family members need to remember ways to keep their seniors cool and safe in the warm summer months.

First and foremost, when the heat is excessive, have your loved ones remain indoors. Watch a movie on the television, go through old photos, or bake some goodies in the kitchen. If your loved one needs to get out a little, head to the movies or see if the local senior center is hosting an interesting program that day.

If your senior is going to be outdoors for a short while to get some fresh air, make sure that he or she is in a shady area or sitting under an umbrella, just being out of the direct sunlight makes a huge difference in the temperature. Have your loved one wear light- weight, light -colored clothing and make sure that they drink plenty of fluids!

Most important, if you or your loved one's caregiver notices any of the signs of heat stroke listed above, move your senior to a cool area and get medical help immediately. All of Senior Helper's caregivers are trained and reminded of the ways to keep their clients healthy, safe and comfortable during the hot summer months. Stay cool and enjoy the rest of the summer.

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