Have you ever considered going back to school, but were worried you were too old? Many of us regret not going back to school when we were younger. Well, forget those fears and hop on the school bus! We know it might sound a little intimidating for some, so we wanted to provide some helpful tips for those who are considering going back to school in their later years.

Relax – School can be overwhelming for some, especially if you are just jumping back in to it. Remember to relax and take it one step at a time.
Review – Before you go to class make sure you review your materials so you feel better prepared for class.
Ask for Help – Never be ashamed to ask for help! That’s why the teachers and professors are there. You can also join a study group to get a better grip on the work.

Heading back to school at any age can be a bit overwhelming. The first thing to consider is what you might be interested in learning. Going back to school doesn't have to mean taking classes on a college campus. Think about what is interesting to you. Think about what you might like to do a little bit better. Do you write for the newspaper in your adult community? You might be interested in taking a writing class. Do you love gardening and creating beautiful flower pots? A gardening class may be right for you.

Once you know where your interests lie you can begin to look into where you may find the right class for you. Many colleges now offer classes specifically geared toward seniors. Check out the websites for both Brookdale Community College in Monmouth County and Middlesex County College in Middlesex County.

Remember, not all classes have to be taken at a college. You may find a cooking class being offered at you favorite restaurant or a gardening class at a local nursery. Pottery shops offer classes right on the premises or you may find an interesting workshop being offered at your local library or senior center. Do your research and find the right class for you. Learning something new shouldn't be based on how old you are. Age is only a number!

Don't let your inability to get around keep you from new experiences. All daily companions and licensed aides at Senior Helpers Home Care drive. In addition to helping you around the house, they can get you to where you want to go.

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