We have said it before – traveling with seniors is always fun, but sometimes it can be a little stressful. That’s why Senior Helpers is here to help! We can provide travel assistance for your aging loved ones and give you peace of mind.

For adults and seniors who are no longer able to drive, having the ability to travel is a vital part of marinating their independence. Senior Helpers can help with:

Fun outings, appointments, and more. A caregiver can take you or your aging loved one to run errands, attend family events, make salon or doctors appointments, attend religious services, and more!

Getting ready. A Senior Helpers caregiver can also help you or your aging loved one prepare for the trip. We can help get you dressed and cleaned up, buy and wrap presents, and more!

Round trips. We won’t just drop you off and leave. We can assist while you are running errands as well. Then we will ensure that you get home and settled safely!

Unfortunately, as our loved ones age we sometimes have to make the decision to take away their driving privileges for both the safety of themselves and  others. This single restriction takes away the feeling of freedom that an individual has when they can pick up and go anywhere that they want.

Imagine how you would feel if somebody took away your license and told you that you could no longer drive. It would be devastating. That is exactly how your loved one will feel as well.

There are ways to make this type of situation more bearable. A caregiver or companion with the ability to drive your loved one wherever he or she needs to go. It may be a trip to the supermarket or the pharmacy or an afternoon at their local senior center. It can be a ride to a local park or to meet a friend for lunch. This service will provide your senior with the freedom to come and go as he or she wishes and it will provide you with the security that they are safe and sound.

Whether your senior needs help getting ready to go out or some help in the house before they leave, a caregiver can provide all those things. Senior Helpers Home Care does both background checks and checks on driving records as well. We make sure all of our caregivers have automobile insurance plus we have an additional umbrella policy on top of the caregiver's policy.

Please call Senior Helpers with all of your questions at (732 )866-4488.

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