“My mom cooks the best…!”

Almost everyone claims his or her mother is the best cook out there. We love our mother’s cooking, so why not make sure to keep these old (or new) family recipes preserved? Here are some creative ways to store your family recipes as well as get your loved ones back in the kitchen!

  • Recipe book. Do you have old family recipes that are feeling the wear and tear and being passed down from generation to generation? Try laminating or scanning the recipes onto your computer to preserve them. Then put them in a cookbook for your mother!
  • Write them down. Perhaps your mother has a few recipes that she knows by heart and are not written down. The next time she is cooking, ask permission to write down the ingredients and directions.
  • Get cooking! The best way to remember recipes is by cooking. Join your mother in the kitchen next time she is baking! This is a great way to bond and create memories as well.

Nothing brings back memories quicker than smelling something in the kitchen that reminds of us of our past. The aroma of a turkey in the oven always brings up happy Thanksgiving's day memories. Freshly baked chocolate cookies remind us of when we were little and mom had them waiting on the counter for an after school snack. Each one of us associates certain foods with special occasions or just reminds us of the family dinners we used to sit down to when we were younger. Talking about these specific recipes with our aging loved ones should bring a smile to everybody's face.

Spend some time making all the favorite family recipes. Include grandchildren as well. It may very well turn into a wonderful family event that you all can participate in. If mom or dad really enjoys cooking, think about enrolling both of you in a cooking class. Many restaurants and colleges offer classes all year long. Middlesex County College and Brookdale Community College both offer a large variety of classes.

In addition, cooking classes are offered at Gaetanos in Red Bank, Cook 'N' Tell in Colts Neck  and Christopher's Kitchen in Morganville. If your mom or dad loves baking, classes are offered right in your local Michaels or AC Moore.

Finally, make sure to get all the recipes that have not been written down before your loved one forgets them. If this happens, your favorite recipes may be lost forever!

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