One of the biggest issues that face seniors today is the management of their medication. Due to a variety of reasons, including the cost of medications, the inability to remember to take medication and the belief that many of their prescriptions are simply unnecessary, many seniors are not taking their medications as prescribed by their doctors. This is a huge problem in managing the many conditions, illnesses and diseases which occur as our loved ones age.

There are several ways to help our seniors in being more diligent in taking their medications and vitamins as prescribed.

First, taking medications as part of a daily routine is important. For example, it is easier to remember to take a pill with breakfast than at a certain time.

Second, keeping a list of all medications and when they should be taken is helpful, as well. Keeping sticky notes around the house may prove useful. Sometimes setting the pills up in a weekly organizer can be a very efficient way to handle medication. If your loved one is having trouble with this, a family member may be the best person to set up the medication each week. In many cases, your pharmacist can set the medication up in blister packs that are easy to use.

Finally, if none of these ideas are helping, there are many new technological devices that are readily available. Some of there include, alarms, talking medication reminders, and electronic pill dispensers. These are all available online or at your local pharmacy.

Unfortunately, there are times when no matter what we do to help our loved one, medications continue to be taken improperly. When this happens, we feel we are left with very few possibilities to help. Many of us do not want to place our mom or dad in a nursing home or assisted living, yet we do not have time to administer the medication ourselves several times a day each and every day. A companion or licensed aide can make all the difference in this type of situation. In addition to medication reminders, the aide can help your loved one with meals, laundry, cleaning, bathing, grooming and a wide variety of other services.

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