With fall comes the falling of the leaves. As beautiful as the oranges and the reds look, leaves on the ground can become a burden – and even a danger. When you get ready to pull out the rake and broom, keep these safety tips in mind, especially if your aging loved one is helping:

Dress the part – Wear lightweight clothes that keep you warm enough without trapping sweat you may build up.

The right tools – Make sure you are buying the best tools for the job. While lighter tools are also cheaper, they tend to require more energy to use which can lead to injury and overexertion.

Warm up – It may not feel like much at the time, but raking leaves can be a workout! Walk around and stretch beforehand to prepare your body for strenuous activity.

Keeping your loved one's home safe is important in every season. Most people think of the wintertime as the most dangerous season. We think of snow and ice leading to falls and car accidents. Autumn, however, brings its own set of problems. Falling leaves can stir up many issues.

Many people don't realize that wet leaves on the ground are almost as dangerous as a sheet of ice, both for walking or driving. Make sure your family member's walkways are constantly cleared of leaves. If you are not available to help your loved one on a regular basis, ask a neighborhood child if they might like to help with this chore for a few dollars each week.

Leaves can also be a nuisance. They clog up gutters and cover our lawns. Make sure to help mom and dad take care of these chores. You know your loved one best. Don't let them take on more than they can handle. Help them out or hire a handyman to do the job. Your local Home Depot or Loews is a great place to pick up supplies to do it yourself or to inquire about a handyman in your area. Stay safe and enjoy the season.

The colors are beautiful and the temperatures are just right to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold!


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