On these sweltering days, your home may be the only cool shelter you and your aging loved one can find. But what if your home isn’t beating the heat? Anything from a faulty air conditioner to a cracked window can lead to excess heat in the house. Some of these items may be expensive to fix, and not every senior can afford major home repairs. Fortunately, there are some cheaper alternatives to keeping your home cool.

Energy Efficient Shades – These shades are designed to reflect the sun’s rays and keep the heat out. Keeping these over windows in rooms your aging loved one isn’t using is a great way to lower the temperature in the house with little cost.

Fans – Did you know that fans can decrease the temperature in a room by up to 70 percent? If your aging loved ones get overheated, you can get a small (and inexpensive) fan to help circulate cool air in the room. Just make sure the fan is in a safe place!

Lighter Colors-Lighter color paint, curtains, and blankets stay cooler than dark colors. Put your senior's dark blankets away for the summer to keep the room cooler!

There are plenty of places in both Monmouth and Middlesex Counties to purchase light weight and lighter color items for the summer. Bed Bath and Beyond is a great place to start your shopping. There is one on Rt.9 in Manalapan or Rt.18 in East Brunswick. There are plenty of curtains and comforters to choose from. My husband and I purchased a light-weight comforter last summer that we now use in June, July and August. It has made a huge difference in how comfortably we sleep in the summer months. For some lower cost options, try the JC Penney at the local mall. There is a JC Penney in Freehold Raceway Mall, Monmouth Mall and Brunswick Square Mall.

Definitely purchase some fans! Ceiling fans in the bedroom make a huge difference. I have a fan in every bedroom in my house. They keep the air moving on a really hot day when the air conditioning simply will not keep the temperature down, especially upstairs. Look for fans at your local Loews or Home Depot. In addition, many lighting stores carry ceiling fans as well. Most of my fans were purchased at a great store in Manalapan called Fan World.

Finally, remember to check on your seniors in the summer months. Make sure they are drinking enough fluids and not spending too much time out in the heat and the sun. Remind them to keep the AC on and to be sure to let you know if if the AC breaks. A home can become an oven on a super-hot and humid day! You may be able to take the heat, but your loved one may not.


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