Are you planning a family vacation this summer? More than likely, your family consists of two to three generations, and these generations typically have very different ideas of what is fun. When planning your next family vacation, make everyone happy with these fun-for-all activity ideas:

Concerts or Plays. Concerts are fun for all, just make sure the music can be appreciated by all generations. Try compromising with everyone. You can also make time to see a local show!

Cooking Lessons. If you are going abroad, try signing up the family for a cooking lesson. Older generations will enjoy learning about the history of local foods (and eating the foods) while the younger generations will enjoy being able to help cook (and eating the food!).

Interactive Museums. Look for a few local museums in your area of travel. Interactive museums are best for larger families. Older generations can enjoy the history, while younger generations will enjoy interacting with the exhibits.

There is no better time for a family vacation than the summertime. Whether the family gets together for a week or a weekend it is sure to be a great time. Grandparents love when their whole family is together and what better way to do that than to go on a family trip together. Of course, with so many different ages and interests the task of planning one of these family trips may seem a bit overwhelming!

Don't panic. Get help. If you use a travel agent to set up your trip, than he or she will most likely be able to plan some activities that everyone in your family will enjoy. Your concierge at your hotel can also be a wonderful resource. They usually know the area that you are vacationing in very well and can provide many suggestions.

There are many options that are perfect for a vacation with your extended family. First, a cruise is always a great idea. With so many activities right on board and many excursions to choose from, there is something for everyone. Just because you are all vacationing together, doesn't mean you have to be together all day. Let everyone choose what works best for them and agree to meet back together for certain meals and an evening show. A second great option is an all-inclusive.

My family celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary this past fall at a wonderful all-inclusive in Jamaica. There were 15 of us and we ranged in age from 6 to 75. We all had a great time. Make sure to do your research and find the right all-inclusive for your family!

Bon Voyage!

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