Even with normal aging, remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other important dates can be difficult. We all have so many things going through our brains at once that it’s difficult to remember dates, but these dates can be the best times to help your seniors be more involved and really show their friends and family members that they care. Here are a few fun ways to help you and your aging loved one remember those key events.

Calendar – Sit down and make a calendar with your aging loved one. Be sure to include all birthdays and anniversaries you want to remember. This way you see all the dates at the start of each month.

Pre-Written Cards – After you make your calendar, you can pre-write cards so you never have to worry about going out to buy a birthday card at the last minute.

Technology – We can use technology to remind ourselves of just about anything. Add special events to your loved one’s phone calendar and create reminders under settings for each event.

The main reason I may forget to send out a birthday or anniversary card is that I simply didn't have one in the house. When I buy several ahead of time, I am much better at getting them out on time. Plan an afternoon with your loved one. Start by stopping at your local CVS, Walgreen or Hallmark store. Spend some time picking out cards with your mom or dad. Figure out how which birthdays and anniversary cards you may need for the next eight weeks or so. Let mom, dad or whatever senior your helping spend some time getting the cards he or she likes.

In addition, make sure to pick up a few sympathy and get well cards in case something unexpected comes up. That way your senior will have them available.

If your loved one feels more comfortable having the cards addressed, stamped and ready to go in the mail, spend some time helping them get that task accomplished. If they would rather do those tasks themselves, help them update their address book and calendar.

If your loved one is still using a computer or mobile phone, help them get set up on either device. Enrolling them in a class might be helpful. Verizon, AT&T, and the Apple store offer a variety of classes. Some are even geared at helping seniors specifically! If your loved one is not technologically savvy, stop into your local Staples and buy a large desk calendar and fill in all the important dates with mom or dad.

Remember, whenever you are trying to help your loved one don't make it seem like a chore. Make it part of a fun day. Stop for lunch or take a walk together. Don't make it appear that you are only spending time with him or her because they aren't able to accomplish certain things on their own.



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