Autumn is a wonderful time of the year. The weather is perfect. It's not too hot and not too cold. The trees are beautiful and everything looks so pretty. It is also just the right time of the year to plan outdoor activities, especially for seniors.


With the arrival of fall, there comes a huge variety of things to do with our loved ones. Planning a fun-filled day at this time of the year should be extremely easy. Try and remember what mom and dad used to enjoy or ask them what they have always liked best about this time of year. The possibilities are endless. Take the kids or grandchildren along to make your day even more special. Walk through an orchard to pick apples and then help mom bake a pie. Go on a hayride and then pick some pumpkins to bring home and decorate. Take dad to a football game. It doesn't have to be a professional game. Find a good high school game in the area and go for a while. Let your loved one walk with you while the kids go trick or treating or come over and help you hand out candy. Nothing makes grandparents happier than seeing their grandchildren and great grandchildren having a good time. If your loved one can't get around so well, simply take a drive. The foliage is beautiful to look at. Pack a picnic lunch and stop at a park for a quick bite to eat.

There are so many farms, orchards and parks in the area, you shouldn't have to drive to far. Try Wemrock Orchards in Freehold for hayrides and pumpkin picking. Battleview in Freehold is great for apple picking. Then, stop by their store for donuts and cider. Drive through Holmdel for some gorgeous scenery and stop at Holmdel Park for a picnic. If you're looking for a good local football game, most of the high schools in Monmouth and Middlesex counties have a game on Friday night. Check your local paper for locations and times.

Many times, we want to do more with our loved one, but we feel it's too difficult to get them out and about. Other times, we are too busy with work and immediate family obligations to see our loved ones as often as we would like. If these are concerns, please contact your local Senior Helpers Home Care office at (732)866-4488 to see how we may be able to assist you.

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