"I have had an excellent experience. Senior Helpers has exceeded my expectations in taking care of my wife. The service has made it possible for me to go back to work with peace of mind. I don’t have to worry that she is not being taken care of. If I had to say one thing to someone who’s looking for care for a loved one, I’d tell them to make Senior Helpers their first call.

I am very confident in the training of our caregiver. I know that Senior Helpers trains their caregivers well because our caregiver knows so much. She is very smart and helpful. I can tell she loves her job."

-Mark, Summit, NJ


"I appreciate the caregivers that come to the house. Everything from the initial interview to where we are now has been great. The caregivers were total strangers when they came but shortly they became family."

-Katherine, South Orange, NJ


On why they selected us: "They were more family oriented than the other agencies were. They wanted to know more details about the type of care we needed."

-Rose, Berkeley Heights, NJ


"Senior Helpers really care about their customers! They truly are care givers!"

-Hilda, Gillette, NJ

"I have yet to put her in a situation that she wasn't able to handle. Our caregiver calls my father "dad" and he is starting to get attached to her. She never called him "mister" or by his first name. It has made her feel more like family which is what we wanted because we want my dad to be comfortable."

-Barbara, Madison, NJ

"I am extremely pleased with the whole operation including the way things have been handled and the caregiver! Senior Helpers is reliable and they matched us up with an excellent caregiver. Getting a reliable caregiver says a lot and I feel confident Senior Helpers is able to find other people caregivers like mine. The service is top of the line.

The caregivers' demeanor is very compassionate, and they do little things like painting my mother's fingernails. We don't ask them to do that, they go above and beyond working on their relationship."

-Jack, Madison, NJ


"The caregivers are very easy going with the client. When dementia clients don't want things, they can get agitated easy. The caregivers have been able to calm her down and coax her into doing things. I feel that they care deeply for their clients."

-Rose, Berkeley Heights, NJ


"The caregiver is spectacular and I cannot say enough about how great she is. I do not know why we deserved to receive the primary caregiver because I do not know what we would do without her. My mother has sort of adopted her! My mother was so very resistant initially, but she has done so much with her."

-Margaret, Summit, NJ


"Senior Helpers is very easy to work with and has a very responsive staff who is well trained and very respectful to my mom. The biggest thing is that my mom appreciates them and they leave a smile on her face. I have confidence in the agency because of the management. They are committed, everything is organized and straightened out, and they call us if there are any issues."

-Michael, West Caldwell, NJ