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Serving Greater Boston, South Shore and Surrounding Communities
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Our Services

Senior Helpers Boston and South Shore is not like other home care agencies in the area.  Being different has defined and differentiated us. We recognize that no two clients are the same, so there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

We understand that exceptionally trained Case Managers and Caregivers are life-givers, and matching caregivers with our clients is part art and part science. These care connections become life-long bonds for many families and rich attachments are synonymous with how we serve seniors.

Where to Start

Our Initial In-home Care Assessment

Our approach to care is customized and thoroughly client-driven. You always have many options, and a variety of ways to think about support and care at home; or any place you call home.

Our nurse-driven client intake process is to clearly define how we can help you successfully age in place.  When you see the power of our LiFE Profile  (Li=Lifestyle, F= Feasibility , E= Evaluation assessment), you quickly realize your needs and concerns become the center of our universe. 

It all starts with a simple phone call. Let’s begin the conversation.

Schedule an In-Home Assessment


  • Going Home Safe – Recovery Care

    Our proprietary Going Home Safe program helps families and clients manage their recovery and minimize the risk of readmission. Unique and comprehensive, we address your care needs for a few hours a day for a few days, or provide a broader support. Our services include a Proprietary Risk Analysis, nurse participation from discharge through care, a Going Home Safe Family Workbook to help family understand and engage, and a Care Schedule that adjusts to your needs.

  • Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

    Senior Helpers is proud to offer our exclusive program for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia: Senior Gems. The Senior Gems program was designed by experts to help your loved one live the fullest life possible. We are happy to focus on what each person can do and what makes them unique and special. This positive focus allows us—and you—to treasure the person in front of us today, even as the brain changes with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Parkinson’s Care

    Senior Helpers’ Parkinson’s Care Program is a specialized training and certification program created in conjunction with leading experts from the Parkinson Foundation’s Center of Excellence. This program, the first of its kind in the in-home senior care industry, is designed to provide our caregivers with the expert training and education necessary to create personalized care plans for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease.

  • Traditional Care

    Through a broad suite of Hands-On support and Companionship, our experienced and well-matched caregivers make life for seniors manageable and secure. We help with everything from hands-on care needs to providing a helping hand with everyday activities (personal needs such as bathing, continence care, medication support, transportation, conversation, household support, social activities and a myriad of other services).

  • Transitional Care

    Senior Helpers makes the transition from a hospital or long term care facility to home easier with Staying Home Safe™ - a unique approach to care management that is built around patient goals and creating a safe environment for recuperation. Let us provide you with the peace of mind and confidence that your loved one is going home – and staying home - safely.

  • Round-the-Clock & Live In Care

    Live-in care provides peace of mind that a loved one is safe and secure, especially for family member living far away. A live-in caregiver helps ensure safe, stable and valuable routines are maintained; maximizing the need for multiple caregivers in the home.

  • End-of-Life Support Care

    We help families navigate the full continuum of senior care. At some point, the focus may shift from helping a senior client with health and recovery to providing comfort and support. We are available to work alongside your local hospice and provide around-the-clock care for your loved one. Our Caregivers receive in-depth end-of-life training to provide the personal and emotional support your loved one and the family needs during this difficult time.