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Senior Helpers of Milford-Franklin, MA, is regionally owned and operated by Sravanthi Sareddy with a helping hand from the rest of her loving family and staff. Sravanthi, lovingly called Sravs, is a wife and mother of two youthful and joyful girls - Shreeya, 14, and Kathya, 9. Over the past few years Sravs experienced first-hand the joys and trials of taking care of her terminally ill father who she lost to cancer. The experiences inspired her to open a home-care company to aid as many people as she can fit under her wing. Senior Helpers is one of the top senior home-care companies since 2002, now brought to you locally, from our office in Milford! Here at Senior Helpers, we provide home care, companion care, and transportation services with skilled and passionate caregivers who specialize in Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s patients. We are extremely proud to say we have built a reliable, heartfelt and trustworthy team of caregivers, that perpetually look out for your best interests. It is incredibly essential to our team that each client and family is individually taken care with expressive detail, to come up with a specialized and functional plan to meet their needs. We want our clients and their families to have faith because we know, and we want you to know, that we will bring the prime care and comfort to your loved ones. Pay us a visit at 160 South Main Street, Milford! From the Senior Helpers family, we wish you a very warm welcome!

Sravanthi Sareddy- Owner of Senior Helpers Milford-Franklin

As a primary caregiver to her two rebellious young girls, and a wife for 20 years, Sravanthi continually has her hands full, but is very much grateful for any opportunity to help others. After dutifully serving as a leader in a high-tech software company for 20 years, she resigned from her job to care for and be close to her father in the precious few moments left. Resolute and determined, Sravs took the decision to lend her experience as a businesswoman to provide loving and caring aid to our seniors. Her passion lies in meeting new people, spending joyful moments with her friends and family, traveling and cooking! She believes in second chances for all, and that the cycle of good and generosity repeats eternally. Another one of her core values is that there is nothing as meaningful and imperative as having a united family, and insists that every dinner should be shared together, where not only meals are enjoyed but new ideas and experiences as well! Her vision is to not only give the highest and the most outstanding care for your loved ones but to make her clients as joyous and content as she possibly can!







Leah Powers- Director of Marketing and Sales

Leah has ten plus years in the medical field as a, CNA, HHA, Medical Assistant and recently a Respiratory Therapist. After graduating from Massasoit Community College, Leah wanted to go a different path in the medical field and ended up in sales. She worked as a Clinical Specialist for a CPAP company for a little over a year and realized she very much enjoyed sales and marketing. She knew she wasn’t going to be like every other sales person, she has a medical background and a passion for caring for the elderly which helped her connect with clients and their families on a different level. Working for Senior Helpers allows her to connect with families and clients in need of help, and there’s no better feeling then knowing she is bringing care, trust and hope to these families.











A Grand Opening!

On the 20th of December 2018, Thursday, Sravs along with family, co-workers and friends hosted a welcome party to mark the official opening of the Senior Helpers office at 160 South Main Street, Milford MA! All were ecstatic to watch her business bloom and wished her the best of success! After several months of behind-the-curtain preparation and meticulous planning, we are finally proud to announce our business is up and running! The team is so glad that they can finally start to make a change for the positive in a lot of people’s lives!


Client Testimonials

"Above and Beyond Service!

I have been a client of Senior Helpers for a month now. I can’t begin to explain how wonderful they have been to me. Very welcoming and kind, they treat me like I am family. The care givers have been wonderful, always here to help with anything I need. They always come in with a smile on their face and a warm heart. The management team has been so helpful when it came to my long-term insurance, they stayed on top of them to get the hours and pay that I needed. I can’t say enough about Senior Helpers!"

- Helen H.




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