Dear Carolyn,

Senior Helpers has made it possible for my parents to stay in their home, and for me, their primary caregiver, to "breathe." The administration is helpful and flexible and has been able to send a caregiver on short notice. The caregivers that Senior Helpers has sent to our home have been professional in every way, on time, empathetic, considerate and knowledgeable about elders, with a sense of humor to boot. They bring a "breath of fresh air" into the home, while being able to balance the complex needs of elders, keep the elders safe, clean and well-nourished, and provide conversation and companionship with respect for my parents' boundaries. I have come home before to find my dad's or mom's eyes gleaming with interest at some exchange they have had with one of the caregivers. The variety is good for my parents. With Senior Helpers by my side, I feel affirmed as a daughter, yet able to conduct the business necessary for a busy family of college students and husband out of state. Thank you for all you have done for our family. I would recommend your agency to anyone who asks!



I can't sleep until I let you know how blown away I am by the professionalism, and care shown by your company already towards myself and my mom. First, your calls during your time off, followed by lovely Vanessa who made an instant connection with mom. This morning, I find mom beaming as she was walking down the hallway with Laurie and, finally, I belatedly checked my voice mails on my drive home to find a message from Pam describing the plan and all that she had found thus far. During this new chapter with mom, it is beyond comforting to know that people are there for you when you need them.

Jenny, Massachusetts


My mother is being moving onto the Memory Care Unit the beginning of next week. We appreciate the assistance Senior Helpers has provided this past month. Again, thank you for your help in keeping our Mom safe.

Charlene P, Massachusetts